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Lahaina Banyan Tree — A Symbol of Strength

New vibrant greenery emerges amidst a backdrop of lifeless leaves. This symbol of hope is our beloved Lahaina Banyan Tree, serving as a beacon of optimism and resilience for our local community and its residents who recently faced devastating losses in the Maui wildfires. Despite the daunting challenges, the Lahaina Banyan Tree and its community endures and will flourish once again.

Following the wildfire’s aftermath, a dedicated group of volunteers immediately rallied to aid in the tree’s recovery. They diligently tended to its soil, enriched it with nutrient-packed compost, and ensured it received daily hydration. Even with all of the community efforts, uncertainty still looms over the fate of this historic banyan tree as well as Historic Lahaina town in general.

This tree is truly the symbol of hope for all of West Maui as we focus on rebuilding for the future. Planted in the year 1873, this majestic tree has evolved into the very core and spirit of Lahaina. It serves as a living tribute to the strength of community, affection, and care. Its roots have interwoven with the town’s very essence. It has soared to a towering height of over 60 feet, extending across an entire city block. Despite the devastating wildfires that have left the tree scorched, the Banyan Tree persists, standing tall and resolute.

Lahaina Banyan Tree History

Lahaina’s majestic banyan tree, a gift from Indian missionaries, stands as Hawaii’s, the United States’ and even North America’s largest banyan tree. It was planted by Lahaina’s sheriff, William Owen Smith, on April 24, 1873, to commemorate Maui’s first Protestant mission’s 50th anniversary. Although it started as an 8-foot sapling with a single trunk, today it soars above 60 feet with a sprawling canopy spanning 2/3rds of an acre (equivalent to a quarter mile). Contrary to common belief, it’s not a cluster of fused trees but a single trunk branching into 16 majors. These unique tree sprouts send aerial roots from its branches, which when they touch the ground can take root.

Originally part of the Old Lahaina Fort grounds, the park was once called Lahaina Courthouse Square. The historic area previously housed the Lahaina Arts Society, the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, and the Lahaina Town Action Committee. Prior to the fires, a visit to Maui was not complete without witnessing the Lahaina Banyan Tree’s magnificence in person. Pictures hardly capture its true beauty and massive scale.

During these trying times, when a community beloved by Hawaiʻi has endured immense tragedy, the Lahaina Banyan Tree serves as a beacon of hope. It stands as a poignant reminder that even in a place once ravaged by fire, the spark of life can endure. With ample support, unwavering determination, community patience,  and the passage of time, the prospects for improvement emerge, and fresh life can begin to flourish once more in Lahaina. This tree is the epitome of Maui Strong!


Anthony Sayles R(S)

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