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Avoid these mistakes when getting your Maui home ready to sell

Selling a home on Maui can be a complex process and there are many mistakes that homeowners can make that may end up costing them time, money or both. One of our core values at the Sayles Team is to Focus on the Solution. We have learned over our decades of professionally selling homes on Maui that there are things that you should avoid doing when selling your home:

#1 Waiting to contact a Realtor

The best way to get to a destination is to know the path forward. Waiting to contact a professional can lead to wasted time and effort. Many people think they have to be 100% certain that they are Sellers before contacting a professional. That can be a BIG mistake. We are here to talk through all of your options and make a game plan that fits your goals.

#2 Not Understanding the tax consequences of selling

We highly recommend that you contact your tax professional in order to understand the taxes that apply to the sale of your property. For example, many Sellers who are not Hawaii residents are surprised when they learn about HARPTA for the first time. Under HARPTA, 7.25% of the Seller’s proceeds are withheld pending payment of Hawaii State tax.

#3 Waiting to do an inventory of furnishings

Many property owners on Maui sell their homes furnished. How much of the furniture is included in the sale is often left to be determined during the escrow process which can lead to confusion in the transaction. Don’t wait to do the inventory. Take out any items not included in the sale before the listing photos are taken of your property. If you are planning to sell the home unfurnished, the Sayles Team can assist you in determining which appliances and other items may be included in the sale.

#4 Skim over the listing documents

There is no one who knows your property better than you. The property description in the listing provides great opportunities to go into detail about some of the best features of your home. The Sellers Disclosure is a detailed account of everything that has happened during your ownership including all the improvements you have made. It’s important to share what you have done to make the home unique.

#5 Staying in the dark about property condition

In some parts of the country it is common to have a home inspection done prior to listing. This trend has not yet spread to Maui but we think in some cases it should apply. If you have not visited your property recently it may be a good idea to have a professional home inspection completed prior to listing.

Contacting the Sayles Team early in the selling process can help you save time, reduce stress, and sell your home for the highest price with the least amount of hassle.

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