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Maui Real Estate Update: Q1-Q2 2021

2021 is more than halfway over and the first half numbers are in. Let’s observe how the market has progress in both residential and condo sales.

As a whole, the total number of real estate sales on Maui has been up. The residential and condo markets have seen an historic upward trend that seems very likely to continue.

Both West Maui and South Maui have been exceptionally productive, with West Maui coming in 35% and South Maui barely beating it with 36% in all sales recorded.

1st Half 2021 vs 1st Half 2020 Real Estate Data

South Maui Real Estate

6681 Makena Road listed by the Sayles Team
  • South Maui Homes
    • Number of sales: 160, up 88%
    • Sales Volume: $395 million, up 253%
  • South Maui Condos
    • Number of sales: 614, up 115%
    • Sales Volume: $617 million, up 179%

West Maui Real Estate

30 Hui Rd E listed by the Sayles Team
  • West Maui Homes
    • Number of sales: 131, 167%
    • Sales Volume: $367 million, up 258%
  • West Maui Condos
    • Number of sales: 545, up 106%
    • Sales Volume: $532, up 127%

Central Maui Real Estate

  • Central Maui Homes
    • Number of sales: 178, up 13%
    • Sales Volume: $148 million, up 34%
  • Central Maui Condos
    • Number of sales: 75, up 27%
    • Sales Volume: $32 million, up 60%

North Shore Maui Real Estate

477 Laulea Place listed by the Sayles Team
  • North Shore Maui Homes
    • Number of sales: 72, up 57%
    • Sales Volume: $119 million, up 124%
  • North Shore Maui Condos
    • Number of sales: 2, up 100%
    • Sales Volume: $960,000, 149%

Upcountry Maui Real Estate

  • Upcountry Homes
    • Number of sales: 115, up 22%
    • Sales Volume: $130 million, 52%
  • Upcountry Condos
    • Number of sales: 3, down 40%
    • Sales Volume: $2 million, down 43%

East Maui Real Estate

  • East Maui Homes
    • Number of sales: 5, up 67%
    • Sales Volume: $4 million, 84%

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