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Pre-Travel Testing Program In Lieu of Quarantine Announced

In the latest development to get Hawaii’s economy back on track, Gov. David Ige formally released an announcement outlining a pre-travel testing program in lieu of being subject to the 14-day quarantine period. The program is slated to become effective August 1.

In order for out-of-state travelers arriving in Hawaii to avoid the 14-day quarantine period, they are required to provide a valid COVID-19 test confirming a negative test result.

The negative test result must meet pre-determined testing standards and procedures. At this time we know the following:

  1. Out-of-state visitors must complete a PCR (polymerise chain reaction) test prior to arrival.
  2. Test must be completed at an approved location by the Hawai‘i State Department of Health.
  3. The negative test result must be provided upon immediate arrival. Failing to provide evidence will require out-of-state visitors to be subject to the 14-day quarantine, no exceptions. 
  4. No testing will be provided at any Hawaii airport.

The Department of Health is still working on finalizing the exact program details. Travelers will be expected to cover the cost of the tests.

Mandatory temperature checks will still be required at all airports across the state. Those with a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees will need to go further testing at the airport completed by a healthcare professional.

The pre-travel testing program is a step in the right direction, but it will require everyone across the state to work together towards the common goal of getting Hawaii’s economy back on track. It will take time and continuous adjustments to adapt to developing situations.

We must thank our public health officials for this huge undertaking and their commitment to safeguard the health of the Hawaii community.

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