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Your Next Maui Adventure Awaits

Finding Your Own Maui Adventure

Maui is home to some of the most spectacularly scenery and hidden gems. With many parts of Maui being foreign to development, the beauty of the valley isle lies in nature and embracing the outdoors. Luckily, the Sayles Team is an elegant mix of all of the stages in life with a variety of different lifestyles. Here are some of our favorite selections of Maui Adventures.

Road To Hana

Hamoa Beach in Hana, picture courtesy of our friend Dom Marino

Expect this to be a full day adventure if you are not planning to spend the night in Hana, drive time alone is at least 5 hours. The Road to Hana is a uniquely Maui experience and is about the adventures along the way and finally reaching Hana is the perfect cherry on top of a long car ride. Untouched by corporate development, the windy one lane road flashes you back to a simpler time.

With a speed limit of 25 mph the whole way out, it is justified by the narrow 2 lane road, 56 mile drive, 620 curves in the road, and the 59 bridges along the route. Expect at least a drive time of 2.5 hours and that’s without any traffic, stopping to use the bathroom, or grabbing a bite to eat. Before leaving town, I highly encourage that you make sure you have a full tank of gas as Paia is the last gas station until you get to Hana.

Also as a side note, please be courtesy to the locals and let them pass as they are more accustomed to driving the road.

Traversing the La Perouse Lava Fields 

Tucked away on another windy road past Maui’s famous Big Beach is La Perouse Bay or the Ahihi Kinau Reserve. Note that this is not the ideal swimming beach like Big Beach and is more of an oceanfront hike. On certain days, you will surfers out there doing their thing, but I highly advise swimming their unless you are extremely comfortable in open water. La Perouse is a long stretch of lava from the last eruption of Mount Haleakala in 1790.

It provides a glimpse back into time when the mountain to the sea was a ware of life. Dotting the hiking trail are the occasional cultural artifacts, walls of shelters built by native Hawaiians, and a small blow hole. Not only are there natural wonders on the mauka (mountain) side of the reserve, but also the makai (ocean) side is full of interesting ocean life. While the ocean and mountain views along the way are the true show stopper, along the shoreline are tide pools teeming with tiny fish, crabs, and shell fish.

Snorkel Molokini 

Visible from all a long the South Shore, Molokini is an ancient volcanic caldera and is home to some of the best snorkeling in all of Hawaii. While it looks like it is possible to swim there from shore, DO NOT attempt it at all. It sits just about 2 miles offshore from South Maui in the Alalakeiki Channel (between Maui and Kaho’olawe), it is known to have the occasional tiger shark passing through on its daily migration.

The only way to get to Molokini is by boat and there are many tour boat companies that offer daily service. While it looks like you are to swim ashore to the island, it is actually prohibited for anyone to do so unless you are equipped with research permits that allow to you to step on the island. The incredibly clear water is due to its location in the middle of the channel and the lack of any sand deposits around the islet. No matter the wind or wave conditions the visibility here is unparalleled.

Dragon’s Teeth

Dragon’s Teeth is a true natural wonder and is a clear example of what happens when forces of nature collide. As the lava from the West Maui Volcano poured into the ocean, fierce wind and waves forced it back and it cooled into a formation that resembles great black teeth. The wind sweeping over the point caused the lava to harden in an upward fashion. The jagged points of this formation look like dragon’s teeth, thus the name.

Dragon’s Teeth is especially easy to access from the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, as you may simply walk the pathway that runs parallel to the hedges. Note that this hedge line marks the boundary of the Honokahua burial site. Of course, please show the utmost respect when visiting this area and do not tread where you should not do so.

While you’re there, you may want to head to Oneola Bay or D.T. Fleming Beach, as both of these beautiful beaches flank Dragon’s Teeth.

Hawaii’s Best Aquarium

Regarded as Hawaii’s favorite aquarium, the Maui Ocean Center glimpses a life beneath the surface and displays animals only found in Hawaii. The Maui Ocean Center is an island instituion and has built its repuation around the underwater tunnel which allows visitors to essentially walk through a 750,000 gallon tank as sharks and other sea life swim up above.

Just last year, the center underwent a major upgrade with a master planned exhibit featuring 134 seats, a fully immersive 3D setup, and a few other brand new exhibits. The center has also made an effort to honor Hawaiian culture by landscaping the complex with indigenous native Hawaiian plants. They have even brought on cultural practitioners to teach visitors about old hawaiian fishing techniques and explain best practices for preserving the local fish population.

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