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Maui Could Be Up for Blue Zone Recognition

12645014_1145983352112871_4412302679267758668_nWorld renowned celebrity doctor and TV show host, Dr. Mehmet Oz believes Hawaii could become the very first Blue Zone state in the country, it recognizes a demographic and/or geographic area of the world where people live measurably longer lives. Contributing factors to Hawaii’s quest for its classification as a Blue Zone is the abundance of sun/warm weather, natural beauty, and tropical foods.

More than 500 people excitedly packed Queen Ka’ahumanu Center’s middle court to experience Dr. Oz’s knowledge first hand. Oz spoke about the traits of healthy communities and lectured on subjects ranging from caffeine to weight loss. Oz’s message resonated with many in the crowd and inspired some to reevaluate their lifestyle.

“Everyone deserves a chance to be healthy,” Oz told the crowd. “Seventy percent of how you age is your lifestyle. It’s not your genes.”

He emphasized aging well is a lot more in your own control than what we may perceive, a healthier you is really down to yourself.

Dr Oz rose to prominence on the Oprah Winfrey Show and eventually charmed audiences enough to be rewarded with his own TV show as well. His stellar reputation comes with an incredible wealth of experience and achievements. The 56-year-old cardiothoracic surgeon is a professor of surgery at Columbia University in New York City and performs 100 heart operations annually, according to his website. He’s authored six New York Times best-sellers, mainly on health, and has won six Daytime Emmy Awards for his talk show.


It’s easy to enjoy Maui when your morning walks look like this

Recently, Hawaii claimed the top spot in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index for a record sixth time! The survey was based on 177,000 interviews across all 50 states measuring five aspects of well-being: purpose, social, financial, community and physical.

“It means Hawaii is ahead of everyone else, but it also puts an obligation on people who live in Hawaii,” “Because if you can actually show us how to do it better, then the rest of the country can follow the lead” Oz said before Monday’s event. “Getting up in the morning and knowing that you want to do something really cool in Maui. You just get up and go outside.”

942282_1171495479561658_5646484620629528748_nWhen you call Maui home, the unique island culture provides a diverse set of emotional and physical satisfaction regarding quality of life. The weather encourages year round outdoor activities and provides opportunities for multi-generational families to spend time together. 

“Maui also has a lot of healthy food, and there’s a culture of people who understand what healthy foods are,” Oz said. “You don’t have food deserts on Maui like you do in some parts of the country.” Maui has a prominent culture of people who seek the organic and freshest food available. Partly due to the rise in farm to table dining, anti-GMO supporters, and those who like to support the local farmers. The island is unique in that way and is home to the hippie vibes of Paia Town. 

During Monday’s appearance, Dr. Oz also responded to some fan submitted questions from emails and live questions from the crowd. He made sure to recommended green tea over coffee, emphasized a healthy balance of food, water, sleep and sex; and encouraged people to cut sugar and all “white foods” out of their diets: white flour, white rice, white pasta.

Ashley Takitani Leahey, president of the Wailuku Community Association, said she had “pages and pages of volunteers” eager to help with the Blue Zones project after Monday’s event. “Maui couldn’t have become a Blue Zone at a better time,” she said. “We have the support we need, and we’re ready to take the healthiness and well-being of Central Maui to the next level. The fact that Dr. Oz came, I think, just totally boosted the Blue Zones project.”

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