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April 2024 Maui Calendar of Events

April 2024 will surely be a month brimming with excitement and entertainment on our beautiful island of Maui! This month’s calendar of events is packed with those that promise laughter, music, and vibrant celebrations. From side-splitting comedy to soulful Hawaiian melodies and colorful festivals, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s start with… Wanda Sykes: […]

December 2023 Maui Calendar of Events

Welcome back to your monthly Maui Calendar of Events! As the festive season unfolds, Maui welcomes December with a vibrant array of events that capture the island’s unique spirit and charm. This month, our community comes alive with a diverse lineup of celebrations, from enchanting ballet performances to dynamic concerts. From Kahului, Upcountry and Ma’alaea, […]

Exclusive Insider Scoop: Wild Revelations from Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Bash

Not only is Willie Nelson one of Maui’s most recognizable celebrity residents, but he’s also truly an American musical icon. Ever the inspiration, he recently celebrated his 90th birthday in grand fashion, with one of the best two day concerts I’ve ever been to! There’s no doubt, I will forever remember April 29 and 30, […]

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