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When Will West Maui Re-open?

Important News From Mayor Bissen and Governor Josh Green…

There has been a significant development when it comes to the timeline of West Maui re-opening to all. Mayor Richard Bissen and members of his Lahaina Advisory Team have shaped a “phased approach” to access of West Maui to visitors. This follows an announcement by Gov. Josh Green that West Maui will re-open on October 8. “Our priorities have focused on the well-being of our people and that will continue to be critically important,” Mayor Bissen said. “Six weeks ago, we focused on searching for unaccounted loved ones and supporting the safety and health of survivors.”

He continued: “As we take careful steps forward in an unprecedented disaster, addressing our West Maui visitor industry, their employees, and the local businesses that work in conjunction with the industry requires planning that will get us to a manageable re-opening. Our goal is to introduce a phased approach that will begin on October 8 and allows for housing needs to be clearly addressed.”

What Are These Phases Going To Look Like?

Phase 1

When: Beginning on October 8th; Where: Ritz-Carlton, Maui–Kapalua to Kahana Villa. 

Phase 2 

When: To begin following an assessment of Phase 1 re-opening; Where: Mahinahina to Maui Kaanapali Villas. 

Phase 3

When: To begin following an assessment of Phase 2 re-opening; Where: Royal Lahaina Resort to the Hyatt Regency. PLEASE NOTE: With the majority of displaced residents sheltered in this area, this will be the last phase to allow for more time to address housing options.

Don’t Listen to Unfounded Claims or Conspiracy Theories

The only locations on Maui that have been completely closed have been historic Lahaina Town and the surrounding areas impacted by the fire of August 8. The rest of West Maui (and the island in general) remained open with small businesses operating. However, disaster victims needed shelter. This is what most hotel properties were utilized for. No doubt, visitors were encouraged to visit other locations on Maui out of respect for the great sensitivity to the area and situation. The gravity of this horrific tragedy for affected residents is still tough to convey.

We urge all that are wanting to stay up to date with the situation to listen first and foremost to official statements made by the county and state. We will do our best to update word from these channels as best as we can. There’s so much misinformation flying around online, especially on social media. It’s truly a terrible situation, and those pushing their own agenda are only causing further harm to our community. One of our biggest hopes is that the spread of false rumors would cease immediately.


Dano Sayles R(B)


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