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Lahaina & Maui Fire Relief – how to help

On Tuesday August 8th 2023, our Maui community was devastated by wildfires caused by unexpected hurricane force winds. These fires have devastated the communities of Lahaina and Kula. Historic Lahaina town pretty much completely burnt down in a matter of hours. It’s very hard for us to comprehend the tragic loss of life, the loss of property, and the loss of so many local businesses. Follow the latest developments on our Maui Fire Updates post.

In the aftermath, many of our Maui families are grappling with unimaginable circumstances: the loss of their entire homes, their personal belongings, and lifetimes of their memories turned to ash.

As the true scope and sheer magnitude of the island’s devastating fires is becoming more devastating, the need for our community to pull together and help each other has never been more important.

How you can help – Donations & Support

Maui Food Bank

Hawaii Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund

The Lahui Foundation

Pacific Birth Collective
Provides emergency supplies and resources to women and children affected by the fires

Alternatively, you can mail our team packages and we will donate them to Maui families in need on your behalf. Below is our address…

Anthony Sayles
WAILEA, HI 96753

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