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What’s Your Ideal Maui Property?

Maui Real Estate Market

No matter what type of property you’re considering, rest assured that any property on Maui is a dream come true.

With Maui’s wide range of region and various lifestyle from oceanfront homes on some of the best beaches in South Maui and West Maui to secluded lost in Upcountry Maui, we take a deep dive into the most popular types of properties on Maui and weigh the pros, cons and specifics of each.

Your Maui Real Estate Needs

Wailea Point Oceanfront condos

Common considerations to ask yourself before identifying which type of property best fits your needs include:

  • Responsibility – Will this be a full time residence installed with security measures or a second vacation home used only a few months of the year?
  • Privacy – Can you see yourself living in an attached condo community or would you really value your own private piece of land?
  • Location – Do you dream of waking up and going for a morning swim in the ocean right outside of your door or would you prefer high elevation views, cooler temperatures and peace and quiet in Upcountry Maui?
  • Budget – Is the sky the limit when it comes to what you really want or are you making your very first property investment on a budget?
  • Maintenance – Are you an expert handy-man, willing to hire a contractor or prefer to pay a monthly fee and leave maintenance issues up to a condo association?
  • Space – Are you moving with multiple family members, pets, vehicles, storage units, and entertaining guests or retiring and buying everything you need once you arrive on-island?

Golf Estate

Wailea Golf Estates: 111 Manalo Place Listed by the Sayles Team

Pros: Living in a golf course community offers excellent views of sprawling green vistas (that you aren’t in charge of maintaining) and typically indicates a popular, scenic location on the island. Check out some of Maui’s best golf courses.

Homes and condos in golf course communities tend to be very well maintained, up-to-date and offer amenities like jacuzzis, barbecue grills, picnic areas, walking trails, club rooms, pools and community activities. The Wailea Golf Vistas by the Wailea Blue Golf Course is a prime example of the ideal golf course home

Cons: While the views and convenience of living on a golf course are great, you may also want to consider the possibility of stray golf balls hitting your car and windows, a lack of privacy with steady streams of people outside of your home, noise from lawnmowers and landscapers and strict rules from homeowner’s associations typically present in golf course communities.

Luxury Condo

hoolei properties maui hawaii
Ho’olei at Wailea are the ideal luxury condo complex

Pros: Condos are often located in denser areas with access to convenient areas of the island, most within walking distance of the best restaurants, shopping, activities and events on Maui.

Another advantage of choosing a luxury condo is the wide variety of amenities available in a condo setting. Condo association fees typically cover exterior maintenance of the unit, there are very little upkeep costs when compared to buying a home.

Cons: Association fees make for easy living, but most often they’re an expensive monthly expenditure. Many prefer the privacy of their own home compared to the condo setting. Should you also want to renovate your unit, condos don’t pose the best opportunities for this type of expansion and construction.

For a better understanding, check out our condo ownership considerations blog.

Oceanfront Home

Pros: With unobstructed views of the beach, sunset, neighbor islands and sound of rolling ocean waves just steps from your home, there’s not much to dislike about oceanfront property on Maui.

With convenient beach access at any time of day, this is an obvious perk for those who enjoy ocean activities and desire the privacy of their own home on the water.

Check out our suggestion for Maui’s best beaches:

Cons: As amazing as it is to be within steps to the beach, the saltwater is extremely corrosive. Saltwater can damage your electronics, including vehicles, as well as the outside of your home over time. Another valid concern with oceanfront property is the possibility of damage due to tropical storms, tsunamis and hurricanes.

Vacant Land

maui vacant land

Pros: The biggest advantage of buying vacant land on Maui is the fact that you can start from scratch. With no HOA in sight, vacant land in some of Maui’s most remote locations offer the freedom to enjoy exclusive privacy away from the hustle and bustle of more populated areas. There are a several types of vacant land available on Maui, from rolling acres in Upcountry Kula to secluded areas of East Maui’s Hana.

Cons: Building on vacant land in Maui can be a bit of a struggle depending on what and where you want to build. Permits are often needed and the process can be time consuming and stressful.

In addition, you need to be aware of the specifics about the location you’re interested in and what challenges it will pose. Building in areas where there is currently no accessible road or where serious landscaping needs to be done can be a project that many people aren’t willing to take on.

Contact a Maui Real Estate Specialist

Please consider me to be your trusted Maui real estate and lifestyle adviser. I was born and raised on the island, and spend a considerable amount of time to inform my clients about the best deals currently on the market. Don’t hesitate to call me for your any of your Maui real estate needs as I would be honored to assist you in your home search.


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