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Amazing Photos to Inspire Your Next Maui Vacation

Maui also known as the Valley Isle, captivates and attracts many people across the world. Its laid back atmosphere is a huge draw to visitors, but time and time again we hear it is Maui’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures that keep drawing visitors back. Check out these photos for your next must visit places next time you’re on the Valley Isle.

South Maui

Big Beach

Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

Big Beach stands heads and shoulders above some of Maui’s best beaches. You’ll find just under a mile of perfect sand, the beautifu backdrop of lower Haleakala, and water that’s a virbant blue green. It is one of the largest beaches in Maui, extending nearly 2/3 of a mile long and 100 yards wide of golden Maui sand. 

West Maui


World class views and swimming just steps from the Montage Kapalua 

Once a huge ranch and plantation, Kapalua now sits on 23,000-acres of beautiful natural landscaping. Home to Kapalua is some of the best retail and dining in not only Maui, but, in Hawaii period. It even boasts its own golf courses including the Plantation Course which is featured on the PGA Tour and the Bay Course which is on the LPGA Tour. Fore!

North Shore


Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

Just off of Pauwela Point is Pe’ahi or more affectionally known as Jaws (because the waves will chew you up). It’s famed for its winter swells where the waves can reach upwards of sixty feet.

Baldwin Beach

Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

Baldwin Beach is the most popular North Shore beach. It’s wonderful, long, wide, sandy beach park just outside of Paia. Fully equipped with lifeguards, port-a-potties, showers, barbecues, picnic tables and a covered pavilion. Both ends of the beach have calm swimming areas (west end is known as Baby Beach and the east as Baldwin Cove).

Upcountry Maui

Thompson Road

One of my favorite places on the island to take a leisurely weekend stroll is on Thompson Road. It’s a hidden gem about an hour off the beat and path from the major resort areas like Wailea and Makena. Located in Keokea near the Ulupalakua (a couple miles past upper Kula).  It’s about a 3 mile walk round trip with incredible vistas everywhere you look.

Mount Haleakala

Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

Mount Haleakala offers a dynamic day at over 10,000 feet in elevation! Besides going up to the summit for sunrise and sunset, there is a lot more to Haleakala than just the views.

My favorite part of Haleakala are the various trails you can explore while experiencing the many different climates of the mountain. At one moment, it feels like you Mars going down Sliding Sands Trail and the next in Jurassic Park as you enter Paliku hiking trail.

Central Maui

Iao Valley

iao valley

Visiting Iao Valley is something that I always suggest to my clients. Aside from its beauty, the valley is rich in Hawaiian history and is integral in the unification of the Hawaiian islands. The visit is only a couple of hours adventure so doing the hike in the morning is a great idea.

East Maui

Journey The Road To Hana

Koki Beach in Hana, picture courtesy of our friend Dom Marino

The Road to Hana is an experience unique to Maui as the windy one lane road flashes you back to a simpler time, one that is untouched by corporate development. The speed limit is 25 mph the whole way and rightly so, it isn’t uncommon to hear stories of people running off of the highway…while that may sound scary, just take your time and follow the rules of the road.

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