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Ulupalakua Winery

The rolling hills of Ulupalakua

For close to 50 years, the Tedeschi Winery has been operating on Maui and is the only active winery on the island. Tedeschi Winery has been most widely regarded for their famous Pineapple Sparkling wine called the “Maui Brut Sparkling.” In the winery’s repertoire are various tropical fruit concoctions that have added to their growing reputation. They also produce beautiful and more traditional Maui wines including: Ulupalakua Red (a blend of Syrah, Merlot and Malbec), Upcountry Gold (a Chardonnay aged in stainless steel), and Lokelani (an elegant sparkling Rose with hints of vanilla and orange blossom).null

Maui Coffee

As the only state to grow coffee, many favor Maui grown coffees for its diversity and excellent quality. With close to 600 acres in coffee production and a variety of independently own coffee farms, Maui coffees consistently rank as some of Hawaii’s best coffee in the HCA’s annual Statewide Coffee Cupping Competition. The Maui coffee industry continues to grow and develop through the many efforts of the Maui Coffee Association.

Maui Coffee Must Tries:

  • Maui Coffee Roasters
  • Maui Coffee Co.
  • Mauigrown Coffee Co Store

Maui Cookie Lady

The Maui Cookie Lady (MCL) is widely known for her ability to infuse tropical ingredients into her cookies while maintaining a high level of quality. The MCL distinctive flavor profile captures freshly-baked gourmet cookies with locally sourced ingredients highlighting their full flavors. You will taste the Maui Cookie Lady’s dedication to quality in each bite.

Maui Built

Founded 1995 by a local Maui surfer, Maui Built has built itself a reputation for designing a uniquely Maui lifestyle brand. With minimal online sales and no wholesale offerings, Maui Built is exclusively distributed through Maui Built themselves and has become a sought after and must have brand. Three shops remain on island in Kahului, Lahaina, and Kihei.

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