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Avoid These Pitfalls On Your Next Maui Visit

Most of the Maui blogs you will read are centered around what to do in Hawaii, but no one ever really talks about what you shouldn’t do. Just like any place rich in culture, there are many local practices and beliefs unique to Hawaii.

So here are some insider tips to help you have the best trip to Maui as possible! You can also check out our Maui Visitor tips:

Don’t Waste Time at Chain Restaurants

Koiso Best Sushi Restaurant, Kihei, South Maui, Hawaii

It may be hard to resist settling for a chain restaurant after a long day of adventuring, but don’t settle for something you can get back home! Trust us, the extra effort will definitely be worth it!

Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world! The food in Hawaii is a mix of the familiar and unknown. Many of the foods locals love today find their roots in Asia and to a very small extent Europe. Over the years, the mix of cultures have created a cuisine we call “local food” which can be loosely likened to what fine dining refers to as Asian Fusion.

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Don’t Stand Too Close to a Blow Hole/Don’t Turn Your Back to the Ocean

While not on Maui, we ask everyone to learn from this experience

One of the more treacherous ocean experiences is visiting coasts that are oceanfront (where there is no sandy beach). While watching water shoot hundreds of feet in the air from a blow whole, it can be incredibly dangerous. Always resists the urge to get close to a blow whole because the extreme force of the water can knock you down, wash you out to sea or suck you into the cave. The results are never good.

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Don’t Take Natural Souvenirs

You may have heard spooky stories about visitors having super natural experiences after removing natural souvenirs (lava rocks, sand, etc.) from places in Hawaii. Visitors will usually return their lava rock souvenirs after learning of the local superstition that Pele (the Hawaiian volcano goddess) will place a curse on them. It is stated that Haleakala National Park actually receive 100 rocks per month from visitors who have stolen the rocks illegally.

Don’t Ignore Ocean Warning Signs

While the beaches are one of Maui’s most beautiful natural attractions, the beach is unpredictable and 100% out of human control. Lifeguards will routinely post ocean warning signs if conditions are unsafe. They’re easy to ignore, but they are there for a reason.

Here the most common ocean warning sings:

  • High surf/dangerous shore break: Probably the most common sign you will see, please just use your best judgement. If in doubt, do not go out.
  • Shark sighting: Although rare, it does happen; best just to avoid the situation entirely.
  • Brown water: After a heavy rain, dirt and debris can make its way into the ocean causing a murky tinge.

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