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Maui Adventures To Experience In The New Year

Maui No Ka Oi For All Things Outdoor

Exploring Maui’s Only Winery

Take a drive to Upcountry Maui and experience the change in elevations that make Maui so unique. In particular, the Tedeschi Winery in Ulupalakua is the only winery in Maui due to its coveted climate and acres of land available to growing grapes. Since the mid 70’s, the Tedeschi Winery by Ulupalakua Ranch has been known for its best kept secret, the  local production of fantastic bottle of wine. Tucked away on 23 acres of the southern slopes of Ulupalakua, the rich volcanic soils provide the perfect foundation for winemaking vines. Tedeschi Winery and Ulupalakua Ranch in partnership with one another pride themselves as being “stewards of the land,” and are strong supporters of sustainability and thriving agriculture.

Maui is the Premier Island to Whale Watch 

Maui Whale Watching

6 months out of the year is Maui’s whale watching season where tour companies like the Pacific Whale Foundation will even guarantee you to see whales while on their tour. Usually from December (some times as early as September) to the middle of May is the optimal six month whale watching window. Maui provides visitors the best opportunity to see whales because of the unique geographical make up of the island. Humpback whales are drawn each year to Maui because the shallow waters (except off the north shore) that are around 300-600 feet deep. The shallow water also offer warmer waters for their calves to be raised in.

Piiholo Ziplines – History of the Baldwin Family

Piiholo Zipline

Once created out of necessity by workers who needed to quickly transport supplies and people across impassable areas, is now today a major attraction for valley isle visitors. Maui ziplining offers stunning panoramic views (and a thrill) like no other you’ll experience on your trip to Hawaii. Piiholo Ranch has created a unique ziplining experience in upcountry Maui along the slopes of the famous Haleakala volcano. Perhaps the most unique feature of Piiholo, however, is the longest side-by-side zipline in the state, which allows visitors to race each other for over half a mile. 

Lavender Farm

It’s been a few years since beloved community member, Alii Chang, passed away, but his legacy still lives on through the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm. Located on the upper slopes of Haleakala in Kula, the lavender farm is one of the leading companies in Maui’s rich agritourism industry. Upon reaching this steep location in Kula, enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Maui as 45 different varieties of lavender are at your fingertips. There are various guided tours, luncheons, and products to choose from. The farm and gardens occupy 13 acres at 4000-foot of elevation. The drive from Kaanapali (west Maui) takes a little over an hour and a little under an hour from Kihei (south Maui).

Enjoying a Successful Maui Hike

Science City at Haleakala, picture courtesy of Dom Marino

The Maui lifestyle is geared towards enjoying the outdoors and exploring Maui’s natural beauty. With the variety of landscapes found on Maui, from the desserts of Kihei to the shield volcano of Haleakala and the rainy forests of Hana, the best way to see Maui for yourself is through hiking each different microclimate. Check out the Sayles Team’s picks for some of Maui’s best hikes. 

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