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The 96th Annual Maui County Fair

Maui’s Most Fun Time of the Year

Every year, the Maui County Fair is a special treat for residents and visitors alike. I remember growing up as a kid, the first week of October was always marked in my calendar and begins to signal the early start of the holiday season.

This years celebrations will honor the 96th edition of the E.K. Fernandez Maui County Fair, where the theme is Celebrating the Good Ol Days – time spent looking back and making memories.

It is always jammed packed and is spread out over four warm October days.

  • Thursday, 10/4: 5:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Friday, 10/5: 5:00pm to midnight
  • Saturday, 10/6: 10:00am to midnight
  • Sunday, 10/7: 10:00am to 11:00pm


The Ferris Wheel, tallest ride at the fair

I have always enjoyed the fair, whether it was riding the rides as a child or going for the food when I was in my 20’s. Now in my 30’s and a new father, I look forward to making brand new memories with family. I am personally excited to take my son to the fair for the first time where he can see all of the bright lights and hear the new sounds.

Compared to some of the fairs around the nation, the Maui County Fair is not spectacular by any means and many Maui residents will attest to that, but it’s special to many people in a variety of different ways.

The fair is a family friendly event and brings together all of Maui County for one big community gathering. You are assured to run into at least a few familiar faces and offers the chance to catch with those you don’t get to see as often as you like. It’s sort of a mini reunion for all because you get to see all of your friends and family in a single outing.

IMG_0749.JPG IMG_0750.JPG

The Zipper: the fair’s most popular ride

The fair is all about enjoying the atmosphere, riding rides, scarfing down food only available at the fair, and checking out all of the local entertainment.

The fair is representative of the Maui community and illustrates Maui as a cultural melting pot. You don’t have to look any farther than the food tents to see all of Maui’s culture in one place. You’ll be able to find a Korean barbeque tent right next to a stand making a Hawaiian plate or a malasada pastry tent next to a the flying saucers (grilled cheese sandwiches filled with meet and cut into circles).

The Fair is a great example of why Maui is so special to people. The entire community comes together to enjoy amazing nights under the stars with great company, whether they’re from Maui or even another country entirely. It’s the “Aloha Spirit” that shines through to make for an awesome weekend at the fair.

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