7 Reasons to Love Maui

Maui No Kai Oi!

1. Hana

Maui Hana

Hamoa Beach Daze, picture courtesy of our friend Dominick Marino

The magical world of Hana is something you have to explore for yourself! Foreign to any major developments and urban sprawl, Hana is a glimpse into what Maui once was and is a time capsule in time to one of the last untouched beauties of the Maui landscape.

Isolated from Central Maui by a 52 mile winding stretch of highway, Hana’s magic is a 3 hour journey worth the car sickness and adventurous spirit needed to brave the narrow 2 lane roads. The various parks and lookouts showcase Hana’s enchanting rainforests, soothing waterfalls, rugged cliff side views, and glorious beaches. the Hana community perpetuates a small town atmosphere, the local culture, and commitment preserving Hana’s natural beauty.

2. Low Density

Aside from the occasional backup on the 2 lane highway going out to the West side, there is little to no traffic to battle. Maui’s low density relative to Oahu is something that distinguishes a Maui vacation. The lack of any freeways or high rises needed to sustain a 1+ million population (like the island of Oahu) allows for more distinct views of the island’s natural geography and eye pleasing shades of green and blue.

The low density atmosphere allows visitors to escape the congestion of the mainland and enjoy a slower pace. Maui’s beauty lies in its lack of development, where there are no highrises or towers to ruin the natural landscape.

3. The Views

Maui Upcountry

Upcountry views, picture courtesy of our friend Dominick Marino

If you have ever been to Maui, then you know first hand why Maui is consistently voted as the #1 island in the world by domestic and foreign media outlets. In my own opinion, I believe Maui is the world’s best island because of the diverse range of views Maui can offer from its many landscapes.

From mauka (mountain) to makai (ocean), the valley isle’s ecological and topographical features offer a wide range of microclimates with all sorts of views. In one day, you can go from catching sunrise views at  the island’s highest peak of Mount Haleakala, to hiking through the thick Haiku jungle, to finishing your day off with a dip Hana’s transcendent waterfalls. Maui views never let you down!

4. The Weather

The great thing about visiting Maui is you never have to time the weather, every day is a beach a day!  at anytime of the year, you can count on the consistent warm weather of Maui; from summer to winter, is pretty much the same year round (except if you visit Haleakala/Upcountry in the winter). During the day, especially in South Maui, visitors can expect the daily high to reach the mid to upper 80’s in the summer and the low 80’s in the winter.

Although the beaches are hot in the day, the temperature at sea level drops off in the night time due to the ocean breezes; so for those staying at the resorts on the beach, keep that in mind if you go for a moonlit stroll on the beach. The only time Maui’s weather is undesirable is if a winter storm covers the island with clouds and rain, but those are infrequent and shouldn’t be of much concern.

5. Laid Back Lifestyle

When you live on Maui, time seems to stand still as things seem to move at a slower and more peaceful pace. Even the speed limits here are a slower pace, there are only a few stretches of highway where the speed limit is 55 mph and that is the absolute fastest you’re allowed to drive on Maui. There are no freeways here and all the major highways are either two lanes or one lane.

A key to the Maui lifestyle is understanding life is not all about work; it’s about the friends and family you surround yourself with and enjoying Maui’s natural beauty. Those living in Hawaii like it laid back and want to keep it that way.

6. The Beaches

Maui North Shore

Baby Beach on the North Shore, picture courtesy of our friend Dominick Marino

Maui has some of the best beaches across the island chain and offers more than 30 miles of beachfront acreage. With an incredible range of diversity including red, white, and black sand beaches, some are better suited for certain activities.

The North Shore of Maui is more of a rugged beauty where it is  world renowned for its trade winds which make it the perfect beach to kite or windsurf at. While South and West Maui are the beaches you see on postcards and are more known as swimming/resort beaches because of their fine sand and calm waters. Every beach on Maui has their own charm which you will be able to discover for yourself.

7. The Waterfalls

Particularly the Road to Hana and the East side of Maui are famous for their waterfalls because that side of the island gets the most rain. Plus the backside of Haleakala stretches down that side of the island, so it is a little steeper which are perfectly suited for creating cascading waterfalls.

Some waterfalls are seasonal depending on the time of the year, while others consistently flow year round. At the bottom of the waterfall will most likely always be refreshing pond for swimming and cliff jumping; however, I always caution to check the water beneath the surface for logs that may be hidden and to tread carefully to avoid slipping on the rocks.

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