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Maui Green Walls Set to Make Waves

Changing the Maui’s Design Landscape

In today’s age of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurs have been able to innovate new and exciting products while focusing on going green. In the latest craze to sweep the nation and the entire world, Green Wall Designs, a brand new Kihei based company has just brought vertical gardens to Maui!

Founded by 3 local businessmen, Green Wall Designs aims to gain a foothold in the market by being the exclusive and only distributor in Hawaii of Mobilane products. It is a patented green wall system utilized by a variety of people to bring forth a new design concept by transforming normal spaces into living art. According to their website, at the heart of their designs is furthering their mission of building a “greener and healthier environment.”

Mobilane is a European company which is why their products are so hard to get your hands on. Originating in the Netherlands over 20 years ago, they have gone through extensive research and development to perfect their green wall systems. Part of what they put so much work into was designing it in a way that it is easy to install and maintain so it is able to be put into any home or business.

Another key element to their design is it is not limited to being strictly indoors or outdoors. The green wall system is sturdy and flexible, so it can be built to enhance any interior or it can be installed to complement an exterior setting. Whether it’s built indoors or outdoors, the system includes a water catchment system so it doesn’t leak and guarantees the plants have water for up to 1 month.

The indoor systems can be built tos they don’t need any electric hook up or automated watering system. Whereas the outdoor systems can be outfitted with advanced sprinkler systems to automatically water the greenery.

Via Viktoria Ujj, co-owner of Green Wall Designs, “People want to feel more connected to nature and are looking for ways to be more sustainable. Installing a green wall brings the living beauty of plants into any building and allows visitors to a space to have a sense of peace and calm. Green walls can be planted with annuals, perennials, succulents and tropical plants. They can be used to create an indoor herb garden in your kitchen to allow you to pick fresh herbs any time while cooking. Many tropical ferns are proven to help clean the air, offering a natural and inexpensive way to improve air quality.”

Not only do the vertical walls have aesthetic appeal, their need is backed by scientific research. Data has shown that spending 4+ hours in room with plants can help enhance productivity and provide a soothing ambiance.

In a study done by the American Psychological Association, they say an employee’s productivity can be 15% more productive when plants are introduced to their workplace.

Product Offerings

Regardless of whether you choose a live frame, a room divider, or a large wall installation, these systems are very easy to care for. Each is made of small recycled plastic cartridges that can pop in and out making it very easy to change and replacing plants.

-Jozsef Pusztai, co-owner

  1. The LiveFrame is similar to a piece of framed art and can be customized in size.
  2. The LiveDivider is a stand-alone panel that can be planted on both sides.
  3. The LivePanel allows business and homeowners to create a large-scale vertical garden.

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