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6 Uniquely Maui Ways to Spend Your Day On Maui

Surfing Goat Dairy

The Surfing Goat Dairy Farm sits on the lower slopes Mount Haleakala on Omapio Road in lower Kula and is renowned for winning “Maui Gourmet Goat Cheeses” for 6 years runnings. Aside from the beautiful views and crisp Upcountry air, you can take a tour of the farm and explore just exactly how the cheese is made. The best part about the tour is playing with close to 250 goats on 42 acres of rolling hills. The Surfing Goat Dairy has developed a reputation across the states and you can find their cheese as far as New York.

Mount Haleakala

This is certainly one of the most unique experiences on a Hawaiian vacation! Mount Haleakala offers a dynamic day at over 10,000 feet in elevation. Besides going up to the summit for sunrise and sunset, there is a lot more to Haleakala than just the views. My favorite part of Haleakala are the various trails you can explore while experiencing the many different climates of the mountain. At one moment, you can feel like you are on on the planet of Mars going down Sliding Sands Trail and the next in Jurassic Park as you enter Paliku hiking trail.

Old Lahaina Prison


Built by convict labor in the mid 1800’s, you can step back in time, enter the Old Lahaina Prison, and take a tour of living history as you experience for yourself one of the very first prisons in all of Hawaii. Lahaina use to be the capital of Hawaii and the heart beat of the islands, so just imagine the sorts of souls that set foot in the complex. The Old Lahaina Prison is more of a museum type of experience and is decorated with mannequins to give the prison a more real feeling.  In the 1960’s the prison was restored by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, but even with the updates, the vibe still feels authentic an little eerie.

Exploring Maui on a Guided Bike Tour

Choosing to do a bike tour of Maui is not for the faint of heart. I only recommend this activity to those who are experienced bike riders and don’t mind sharing the road with traffic, otherwise this is a total different experience than exploring Maui by car. Charging down the Upcountry roads on a bicycle forces riders to pay closer connection to their surroundings and see 1st hand what Maui has to offer because you are not obstructed by car windows or car sickness.  Tours are typically lead by an instructor with a trailing van anchoring down the back to protect the riders as much as possible. Various lengths of tours are available, but you should definitely check with the companies to see what they offer.

Exploring Maui’s Only Winery

Since the mid 1970’s, the Tedeschi Winery by Ulupalakua Ranch has been producing great bottles of wine on the southern slopes of Ulupalakua. Currently, the winery sits on 23 acres where the vineyard is able to produce fantastic vines as the rich volcanic soil is perfect foundation for winemaking vines. Tedeschi Winery and Ulupalakua Ranch in partnership with one another pride themselves as being “stewards of the land,” and are strong supporters of sustainability and thriving agriculture. This philosophy is reflected in their product as you get to experience it through wine tours which offers tastings in the King’s Cottage and Old Jail, visits to the vineyard, and private events.

Maui Made: Tasaka Guri Guri Ice Cream

The one and only, Guri Guri ice cream! Located in the Maui Mall, they are a Maui staple and have been a local favorite since the 70’s! Described as a cross between a sherbert and an ice cream, Guri Guri keeps people coming back because its unique texture, flavor, and most of all prices. While, ice cream shops these days charge anywhere from $3.50$5.00 per scoop, Guri Guri only charges $3.10 for  scoops! They only offer two flavors, strawberry and pineapple, but that is all you need to be satisfied! Many places have tried to copy this recipe, but nobody does it as good a Guri Guri!

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