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My Pick of North Shore Beaches

North Shore: Maui’s Eclectic Mix

Maui’s North Shore is one of the most eclectic, diverse, and country communities across the isles. Early on the North Shore just before Paia is the community of Spreckelsville. It is thought of as upper middle class and the premier choice for beachfront communities on that side of the island. There are some excellent kite surfing spots along the community, popular launching spots for the up and coming groms (or grommet isn’t necessarily a beginner surfer but a young surfer…usually under the age of 15). Moving through Paia town are lovely store fronts varying in products offered. Passed Paia are some of the best surf breaks in the world, Ho’okipa is home to some of most exciting young surfing and windsurfing talent to come out of Maui. In particular Jaws being the pick of the bunch, is the ultimate proving ground for surfers all across the world.

What this map does well is illustrate how close Haiku is to North Shore so it’s easy to see why it gets roped in. The North Shore lifestyle can vary immensely, it’s just as easy to have a bungalow tucked away in the hills but be able to hit the surf break within 15 minutes of home. Or living directly on the beach allows for a more water man lifestyle.

The North Shore caters to an active lifestyle, those who love adventuring, hiking, waterfall hunting, fishing, surfing, green lifestyle, and pretty much anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is a popular relaxing beach and is a protected lagoon just before Paia on the western end of a one-mile long stretch of beach connecting it to Baldwin Beach Park. An exposed reef connected to a rocky point of the west end of the beach creates the protected pool. The lagoon is perfect place for to keiki play as well as learn how to swim. It is also a convenient place to swim laps, explore, or just hang out.

Lining the beach are numerous large sand dunes and a wooded area, creating a barrier between the beach and the Maui Country Club. The kids love to explore this area while the adults enjoy the impressive views of the coastline. When the tradewinds blow strong, a lovely afternoon at Baby Beach turns into prickly sandblasting. Run into the water for cover or call it a day.

Baldwin Beach

Baldwin Beach is the most popular North Shore beach. It’s wonderful, long, wide, sandy beach park just outside of Paia. Fully equipped with lifeguards, port-a-potties, showers, barbecues, picnic tables and a covered pavilion. The winter swells along the main stretch of beach can have fairly large and regular shorebreak, so it’s popular choice among the local community. Both ends of the beach have calm swimming areas (west end is known as Baby Beach and the east as Baldwin Cove).

When I am feeling up to it the beach is also a good place for a run. The cove end offers a well-worn trail along a sea-wall and the baby end offers a 50 or 60 yard sand hill with a steep climb and a set of pull up and dip bars. On weekends and holidays the parking area can get pretty crowded, however, even on the busiest days it’s easy to find some seclusion on the beach.

Tavares Beach

Just a 1/2 mile past the Paia traffic light, Tavares Beach goes rather unnoticed. The beach parking lot can be identified by the “Blue Tile House”, it’s convenient for those not familiar with the area. The beach is a decent sized, crescent shaped, and sandy. It sits in the area of Kuau with easy access and ample parking. Good for swimming, snorkeling, spear fishing, rock jumping, surfing and windsurfing. Tavares is a favorite among locals, so go during the week when it is less crowded.

The reef here is close to shore, which keeps the shore break quite calm. Further out there is a nice surf break that can range anywhere from beginner to advanced.

Ho’okipa Beach Park

Ho’okipa is Mecca to the windsurfing world, it is also very challenging surf spot. Professional windsurfing competitions are held at the park, and on pretty much any day of the week you can catch the pro’s doing what they do. If in doubt, do not go out; there’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself at a break you’re not ready for. Swimming is definitely not a priority here, as options are somewhat limited. There are some small lagoons that along the shorline that offer more of a relaxing pool than anything else.The beach is long and narrow white sand; uncrowded with plenty of space to spread out.

During the winter months under the right conditions (when the surf is up and the wind is strong), huge waves form with blowing whitecaps trailing like a thousand tiny white ribbons. The monster surf pounds against the rocky outcropping exploding upon impact. Without doubt, days like this deliver one of nature’s epic scenes of natural beauty.

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