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AREAA KTM Day 4—Korean Folk Village

Sightseeing in Seoul—Korean Folk Village


It was nice being in a smaller group and better getting to know Anna, Grace, Glen, Young and Giefaan

After an absolutely packed schedule to start the week, we finally had a day to relax and sightsee. Young had arranged for a small group of us to visit the Korean Folk Village, a “traditional cultural theme park,” much like the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. The 245 acre grounds is quite beautiful and was chosen in correspondence to the principles of feng shui, with a river flowing in front of it and mountain in the back.


It was a beautiful escape from the concrete jungle. 


Soaking it all in…

It was a drastic change of scenery from the bright lights and concrete buildings that dot most of Seoul’s skyline. It represents a typical village from the Joseon period, with 260 traditional Korean houses, and offers various insights into what life was like in the past, including really fun performances every half hour.


Alex, Giefann and some new friends.

Our favorite was the Farmer’s Music and Dance show, the essence of Udo Nong-ak. It was a really enjoyable performance, with young men twirling around and banging on drums and cymbals as a prayer for a good year’s harvest. There’s also an acrobatic showcase on a tight rope, equestrian martial arts, and even a traditional wedding ceremony.


Putting Giefaan to work!

After the performances we gathered for lunch and enjoyed some delicious, traditional Korean fare, including acorn jelly salad, beef soup with rice, and seafood pancakes. After that hearty lunch, we wandered the grounds a bit more and I even took a try on a very large swing much to the amusement of the schoolkids and my own group.


This swing was so much fun…


And the kids really seemed to enjoy it…


But it sure tired me out!!

We were all pretty tired after that and decided head back towards the hotel and get ready for the dinner that evening. After resting for a few hours, as well as taking a bath in our incredible soaking tub, we met the group in the lobby and headed out.


We all would highly recommend a trip here if you are in Seoul.

Dinner at Congdu

The restaurant was another home-run (what else is new?), but the food this time was more continental with a delightful, modern flair. The structure itself was a gorgeous blend of old and new, with a traditional wooden facade that opened up into a concrete, glass and bamboo dining area. We left the restaurant, walked back to the hotel, a bid each other goodnight as the next day was going to be another 12 hour marathon of meetings, networking, and of course, incredible food.

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