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Update: RE/MAX Chiang Mai

Elephants & Developments—Here We Come Northern Thailand!

Mae Taeng Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s been about 5 months since we first began negotiating a deal back in April, and it’s very exciting to announce that we finally came to a formal agreement that Boontha and I would be partners. I’d also like to thank the incredible support of the team over here as we couldn’t have gotten the RE/MAX Chiang Mai deal done without the help of Eran, Jacob, and the RE/MAX Thailand team.

photo 2

This year has been a whirlwind of an exciting time, as we just opened our Maui office four months ago and are already opening a second location overseas. You may remember, this idea was first born at my family’s Elephant camp, as it sees up to 1,000 visitors per day, mostly from China and Korea. We want to capitalize on this captive audience and take them from being visitors going on elephant rides to showing properties on real estate tours.

photo 2

This time around I had the great pleasure to go to Boontha’s office, where he was preparing a lecture for a number of students. The doctor has a Ph.D in tourism business, and I was blown away by how incredible of an instructor he is to these students. After attending his lecture we headed to his sister La’s office at JJ travel in the Chiang Mai CBD, then caravanned to our new office location at the ‘5th Avenue’ complex about 10 minutes away.

photo 3

We are all very excited to announce RE/MAX Chiang Mai will open in December, and we are planning on having the official grand opening in February 2015. I can’t overstate how nice and comforting it is to have my Thai family, and I am very much looking forward to working with them all in Northern Thailand and grow this relationship further in the future.

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