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Day 4-The Great Wall of China and Houhai

Day 4 was all about playing tourist. With a few friends, we spent the majority of our day at the Great Wall of China and capped our day off with a tranquil sunset dinner by the water.

Great wall Selfie

 Aloha from the Great Wall!!

The Great Wall of China

I started day 4 off with a trip to the Great Wall of China. I was joined by Nancy and Peter Suvarnamani, who are a husband and wife team that own and operate a Century 21 franchise based out of the Windy City.

The drive out to the wall was a delightful and insightful car ride, both happen to be from Thailand and were more than happy to talk shop. I discussed with them my possible next venture, Remax Lifestyle- Chiang Mai (Thailand)! They were very helpful in furthering my decision as we, the Dano Sayles Team, look to expand our international brand.

Great wall of China

If only walls could talk

Spending time with the Suvarnamani’s was an extremely productive day off. Of the many things we discussed, the most notable was our discussion of the Chinese firms we visited with. We spent a lot of time exploring how we could establish mutually beneficial business relations.

Although business was a common subject throughout the day, I was even more eager to visit the Great Wall. Making the journey to the wall, hiking it, and experiencing it firsthand was something that I will never forget. As I sit here typing, I just get chicken skin thinking about how magnificent the wall is before your very own eyes. It was one of those moments in life where everything is surreal, you’ve seen it for so many years and then you’re actually there, standing on living history.

great wall china


On our way back to the hotel, we decided to stop Houhai, a lake and its surrounding neighborhood in Xicheng District of central Beijing. It is the largest of the three lakes, along with Qianhai and Xihai, that comprise Shichahai, the collective name for the three northern-most lakes in central Beijing. Just to give you an idea, they’re similar to the Great Lakes but not exactly the same.


It was hard to believe how beautiful it was, I’d never imagine so much beauty juxtaposed to such a bustling and urban environment. The water was a little comfort of home, obviously not the beautiful Wailea beaches but the soothing nature of the water provided the perfect backdrop. A lot of people were out on the water, fishermen doing their thing and the usual characters you’d expect to see.

Houhai China

We stopped at a local hot spot, Nuage, a great Vietnamese restaurant frequented by locals and tourist. The restaurant offers one of the classiest dining experience in Houhai, as well as some of the nicest views in the city, and the heavenly rooftop is worth the extra 15 percent you’ll have to pay to sit there. The fried rolls stand out, and the green papaya salad is fresh and tasty. The cocktails also come highly recommended!

China Waterways

While at dinner, we ran into a Swiss couple who now lives in Beijing. We exchanged a wonderful conversation and it was neat to hear about their experiences in Beijing. Their insights fortified my previous hunch, the growing number of expats I meet demonstrates how the world is shrinking day by day and now evolving into an even more interconnected world of business.

The Great wall of china

Today was suppose to be a day of leisure, but when you are joined by professionals who share the same passion as you, real estate, work becomes play! I spent an exciting day 4 with some of the coolest people, I hope to continue to meet passionate people and share them all with you.

Mahalo from Beijing, stay tuned for day 5! Did you miss day 3?


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