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Day 5 – Beijing, China with FIABCI & CIREA

It’s June 30th, 2014 in Beijing, and just when you think it can’t get any better, it continues to do so!

firec class China

1st day of FIREC designation coarse. FIREC stands for FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant 


F.I.R.E.C. Real Estate Class

Today we spent the day in class, which was the first day of the FIREC (FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant Designation.) The class was filled with Chinese and US FIABCI members all learning together.  Bill Endsley, Secretary General of FIABCI, has a score card that can measure anyone in the world’s viability of success based on a number of criteria (property rights, financing, legalities of a country, policital situations, etc…)  It was a very interesting day of class where we compared the strengths of the United States and the strengths of China. fiabci presentations

FIABCI-USA delegates present: Liz Davidson, Maire Rosol & Nancy Suravnamai



It was a bitter sweet day as well because it was the last day with many of the other FIABCI-USA delegates.  We really enjoyed presenting our respective States and communities to the other students in the classroom from China. fiabci firec class

FIABCI-USA delegates working with Chinese real estate agents: learning from each other.


CIREA Power Dinner

fiabci cirea meetingAfter class, the real fun began.  We were invited by the CIREA (Chinese Institute of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers) to a power dinner to further discuss ways we can help each other.  We didn’t know what to expect when we got to the restaurant.  We were escorted upstairs to a private room that was designed to entertain VIPs.  Our hosts really rolled out the royal treatment for us.  The hallways were lined with Buddhas from old-school monasteries.  The table sat 20 people with a giant rotating component that had course after course of amazing delicacies.  On the center of the table was the largest assortment of red roses I’ve seen in my entire life.  Hundreds?  Just so beautiful! We had about a 3 hour dinner discussing ways we can help them develop tools to bring them to the next cycle in their growth. We want to help them grow in the real estate market by setting up MLS, helping them with exclusive rights to sell, and some great ideas for technology.  It was just an amazing evening.

power dinner Cirea

Power dinner with leaders of CIREA and FIABCI-USA Delegation:  Du Juan, Edward Alford, Mr. Woo, Ruth Kruger


Best Part of the Day

The best news came when my son, Alex Sayles, called.  He shared that he is on his way to join me in Beijing, China and beyond!  I’m really looking forward to sharing these amazing experiences and meeting more incredible people with him.

You can look forward to our recap of tomorrow very soon!  Also, did you miss what we did in Day 4?


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