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The Many Worlds of Maui

Maui’s Diverse Climate Zones

People choose to relocate to Maui because of the amazing year round weather and the unparalleled Maui lifestyle. The island offers paradise in so many different forms; lots of residents are “living the dream” upcountry far away from the major resort destinations.

Maui can offer paradise in so many different forms because of the vast amount of micro climates seen island wide. Whether you like relaxing on the beach or hiking in the wilderness, Maui has is all.

Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

With consistent year round trade winds, many residences don’t feel the need for conventional air conditioning. Windows are always left open, and the relaxing island breezes will provide a natural cooling affect.

If you like a generally warmer climate (80-90 degrees), then you will most likely be drawn to the two major resort destinations on the Island, West Maui (Lahaina to Kapalua) or South Maui (Maalaea to Makena).  The similarities between these two destinations are astounding because they both lie at the bottom of amazing mountain ranges. West Maui borders the magnificent shores of the West Maui Mountain Range while South Maui is home to some of the most pristine beaches on the lower slopes of Halekakala.

Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

If you like a generally cooler climate, 70-80 degree days and 50-68 degree nights, then upcountry (Haliimaile to Ulupalakua) may be a better fit. Upcountry averages about 20-50 inches of rain per year (compared to only about 8-10 inches in Kihei/Wailea).  Upcountry Maui is also home to some most beautiful ranches in the state of Hawaii.

Central Maui receives about the same amount of rain as Upcountry Maui. It makes up the valley floor of the “valley isle”. Central Maui is similar to the micro climates of South and West Maui, but generally not quite as hot.

The North Shore (Spreckelsville to Haiku) of Maui is home to some of the best wind surfing conditions in the world. The North Shore is also the most tropical climate across the island. With Haiku receiving about 70-120 inches of rain a year, it is one of the wettest spots to reside on Maui.

Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

East Maui is by far the most rural part of the island. It’s about a two hour drive from the airport before you get to the small town of Hana.

With the different ranges of climate, Maui is perfect for those who love a versatile way of life. You are literally able to experience a completely different type of world depending on your mood.  I’ve lived on 5 different parts of the island, and would be happy to share my unique experiences with you.

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