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Cafe Mambo: Reopened & Reimagined!

Paia, the charming town on Maui’s North Shore, has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. Once a haven for surfers, artists, hippies and beatniks, Paia has transformed into a bustling hub highlighted by some of the island’s most popular restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, boutiques, nightlife locales, happy hour hot spots, dancing destinations and live-music venues. Situated within this eclectic town, Cafe Mambo has stood as a beloved landmark for nearly twenty years. However, recent changes have ushered in a new era for this quaint restaurant, redefining its identity with a contemporary twist that still pays homage to its colorful past.

Cafe Mambo Brunch Menu

The revamped menu at Cafe Mambo reflects this fresh vision, offering all-day brunch selections (their current introductory hours are 8:00am-2:30pm) that cater to both breakfast and lunch crowds. Early risers can indulge in espresso drinks (Cappuccino; seen directly below) as well as the scrumptious Breakfast Bowl (3 photos below); a perfectly portioned plate punctuated by skillet sweet potatoes, charred tomatoes, leafy greens, fresh-made bread and eggs cooked to preference.

Cafe Mambo Cappuccino

For those with that morning sweet tooth, the Lemon ricotta pancakes topped with luscious blackberry compote is equally superb. As for lunch options, hard to pass on their delicious Italian Sandwich (4 photos below—pictured to-go, after using their extremely convenient Cafe Mambo online ordering system). Highlighted by a delightful herb pesto, quality meats, mozzarella and perfectly toasted sourdough, this is one of the best sandwiches I’ve recently enjoyed on Maui. The Arugula Salad (3 photos below) with juicy blood orange, luscious cured prosciutto and added crispy salmon is also a standout choice.

Photo Courtesy: @mambomaui on Instagram

Cafe Mambo’s transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Reopened in March 2024, the cafe now boasts an Australian/European-inspired menu that incorporates fresh, local ingredients, promising an exceptional dining experience that delights the palate. Under the stewardship of new owners, Kody and Isabella—both Maui locals—and the creative culinary direction of head chef Maya, Cafe Mambo has been meticulously redesigned to be a gathering place for both residents and tourists.

Cafe Mambo Breakfast Bowl

Get To Know Cafe Mambo Head Chef Maya!

Chef Maya Rehrer, as are the other principal members of the new Cafe Mambo brain-trust, is born and raised on Maui. Having initially developed her culinary passion cooking with her health-conscious parents, she ventured across the Pacific and explored the wide range tastes of the great world abroad. After culinary school in Portland, where she advanced through a variety of kitchens and workplaces, Maya has now returned to Maui. Since that return, she has excelled as a personal chef; preparing the spectrum of private meal experiences, from intimate dinners to large events. Now leading the kitchen at Cafe Mambo, Chef Maya and her team are excited to soon introduce a full day dining experience soon. No doubt featuring similarly innovative dishes as their current menu, those that focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Cafe Mambo Arugula Salad w/Salmon

Beyond the menu, the atmosphere at Cafe Mambo invites diners to linger and soak in the laid-back, stylish ambiance that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Paia itself. The space is designed to be inviting and comfortable, encouraging guests to relax and enjoy their meals amidst the lively surroundings of this unique town.

Cafe Mambo Italian Sandwich

Cafe Mambo’s recent reopening is a celebration of growth and renewal, mirroring the dynamic evolution of Paia itself. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and community, the cafe is poised to continue its legacy as a beloved dining destination on Maui’s North Shore. Whether you’re a life-long local or a first-time visitor, Cafe Mambo offers a taste of the island’s best in an environment that feels both exciting and familiar.

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