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Coffee on Maui – our favorite locally owned cafes

Being born and raised on Maui, we are spoiled to have access to some of the best locally sourced and small batch roasted coffee on the planet. Even though Hawaii produces less than 1% of the world’s coffee supply, it generates about $50M each year in revenue. Coffee originally arrived in Hawaii in the early 1800’s and today it’s the only US state where coffee is grown on a commercial scale. There are approximately 7,000 acres of land across the state that are currently used for coffee cultivation. Hawaii has the ideal year round temperatures, rich volcanic soils, and solid infrastructure in place to make cultivating, selling, and exporting coffee a profitable business empire.

Ever since I was about 13 years old attending Seabury Hall, coffee has always been a morning staple in our household. Many backyard farmers in Hawaii grow their own coffee as a hobby these days. Drinking coffee each day in the morning (and in the afternoons for that matter) always gives me a much needed boost. I must say that myself and the rest of the Sayles Team are all coffee addicts. Coffee beans have become a primary source of energy for our team who all work long and unpredictable hours in the real estate industry. Coffee is much more than just diversified agriculture for our team, it’s part of our lifestyle.

In addition to the Big Island and world famous Kona Coffee, Maui currently has an extensive commercial coffee production primarily located in Kaanapali. My personal favorite bean is the Maui Mokka commonly referred to as the “champagne of coffee” due to the subtle chocolatey flavors, pleasant acidity, and ridiculously long finish.

Favorite Maui Coffee Cafes

Here are four of our favorite cafes on Maui to indulge in great quality coffee and savor the atmosphere.

Akamai Coffee

The roasters at Akamai spend countless hours fine-tuning their locally sourced Maui coffees to get the highest quality notes and profiles in each and every batch. The high caffeine content in Akamai coffee is due to the unique way that they roast. The food menu at Akamai also specializes in locally sourced Maui ingredients. Their pastries and other breakfast items like avocado toast are worth a try. Their specialized coffees include Maui Peaberry, Maui Mokka, Makawao Avenue Roast, Yellow Brick Road Roast and their Akamai Signature Roast. There’s also a speciality off-menu secret item the Hawaiian Honey Bee that you simply have to try! It’s a 2-4 shot espresso drink with steamed milk, honey, vanilla and local coconut. It’s absolutely delicious and I order it every time.

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Wailuku Coffee Company

Located In downtown Wailuku, one of our favorite local cafes is the Wailuku Coffee Company. Their team of baristas are always super friendly and knowledgeable about their beans. They serve muffins, banana bread, and bagels with lox and cream cheese for breakfast. It’s a killer spot to meet up and chill out after a long night. Whether you go in for breakfast or lunch, be sure to head there early as there’s always a line up.

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Maui Coffee Roasters

They are all about their coffee and cafe ambiance. The coffee shop is worth an immediate visit after you arrive at the Maui airport and need a pick me up. Their team roasts coffee from across Maui and the Hawaiian Islands, as well as a wide selection of international coffee. They handcraft each roast of no more than 75 pounds to ensure superior excellence and taste. There is a wide selection of hot and iced beverages, decaffeinated coffee selections, yummy pastries, and bagel breakfast sandwiches. Many regulars say that Maui Coffee Roasters makes the most delicious and consistent drip coffee while others rave about their robust nitro cold brew.

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