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Things to Know About Your Trip to Maui

Maui also known as the Valley Isle, captivates and attracts many people across the world. Its laid back atmosphere is a huge draw to visitors, but time and time again we hear it is Maui’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures that keep drawing visitors back.

While many visitors can get caught up in the allure of Maui, there are some considerations to review while planning your next Maui Trip (especially due to the COVID travel guidelines and protocols).

Upper lanai views from our 3417 Hookipa Place in Maui Meadows

Download the Aloha Safe Alert App

When visiting Maui, all visitors are required to download the Aloha Safe Alert app in addition producing a negative COVID-19 test in order to bypass the 10-day travel quarantine. Via bluetooth, the app shares information with other nearby devices in order to provide efficient technology for contact tracing. There is also notification services built into the app to anonymously notify others you’ve been in contact IF you tested positive for COVID-19.

Rent a Car

Maui’s public transportation infrastructure is not as robust as Honolulu, thus necessitating the need for a rental car. While Maui’s Bus system offers 13 fixed routes, wait times can be long and may not necessarily serve the part of the island you’d like to visit. Especially if Hana was on your bucket list, the Maui Bus System does not service East Maui.

Don’t Forget a Jacket

While Maui during the day is all sun in the fun, the breezy trade winds off the water can bring a chill in the air. You’ll also want to pack some layers if you plan to spend time Upcountry or visit Haleakala.

Hawaii Surfing Seasons

Big wave surfing on Maui’s North Shore this past winter courtesy of Dom Marino

Although there are only two surfing seasons in Hawaii, it will impact the beaches in different ways. During the summer, some beaches can be as calm as a lake, while in the winter the waves can reach monster heights. Understanding the surfing seasons can help you better pick which side of the island you’d like to visit.

Know The Expected Weather Patterns of the Region

The island offers paradise in so many different forms; lots of residents are “living the dream” upcountry far away from the major resort destinations.

Maui can offer paradise in so many different forms because of the vast amount of micro climates seen island wide. Whether you like relaxing on the beach or hiking in the wilderness, Maui has is all.

Contact a Maui Real Estate Specialist

Please consider me to be your trusted Maui real estate and lifestyle adviser. I was born and raised on the island, and spend a considerable amount of time to inform my clients about the best deals currently on the market. Don’t hesitate to call me for your any of your Maui real estate needs as I would be honored to assist you in your home search.


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