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Top 10 Excuses to Move to Maui Part 1

Five Reasons to Call Maui Home

Besides the beauty and allure of Maui’s tropical vibes, there are many other reasons to call Maui home! We, the Sayles Team, have collaborated together and selected our first top 5 reasons why we hold Maui so dear to us.

Our team loves spending time outdoors and exploring what Maui has to offer, so most of our suggestions are for those who want to get out there and see Maui’s untouched lands.

Stay tuned for the part 2 to be released next month.



My favorite spot in Hana, Hamoa Beach

Hana, is an incredible place to explore; it’s like stepping into a time capsule and flashing back to simpler times where it is truly the last undeveloped tropical paradise. Isolated away from the rest of Maui, the sites of soothing waterfalls, the rugged shoreline, and the best beaches on the island can only glimpse the magic of Hana.

The multitude of parks and lookouts showcase Hana’s coastal rainforest, where its charm lies in the fact that little has changed over the last 50 years. Untouched and foreign to major developments and urban sprawl, the Hana community has managed to perpetuate its small town atmosphere, local culture and its natural beauty.

Low Density

Probably my most favorite thing about Maui is its low density of people. Sometimes the visiting population can exceed the local population, but the visitors tend to cluster in the traditional tourist spots of South and West Maui. For the most part, there is plenty of room on the island for everyone and there tends to be a minute amount of traffic compared to Oahu.

In places like Upcountry and Hana, there are acres and acres of wide open land with views of natural scenery unobstructed my man made infrastructure. Maui’s beauty lies in its lack of development, where there are no highrises or towers to ruin Maui’s natural landscape.

The Weather

The awesome thing about calling Maui home is the consistent is the weather! No matter what time of the year it is, you can always count on a beach day. In the daytime, especially in South Maui, highs will hover around the mid to upper 80’s during the summer and the low 80’s in the winter, so in either season there is not much of a drastic difference.

The only time Maui’s weather can be undesirable is if a storm covers the island with clouds and rain, but those are infrequent and shouldn’t be of much concern.

Wait, There’s Snow On Maui?

Snow covering Haleakala back in February 2019

While Maui is known for its magnificent beaches, stunning weather, and endless sun, Maui residents on occasion can be treated to a snow capped Mount Haleakala! It is Maui’s natural beauty and stunning scenery that residents enjoy most. Although snow is rare, it can be a special treat for all to enjoy.

Laid back lifestyle

Photo courtesy of Dom Marino

When you live on Maui, time seems to stand still as things seem to move at a slower and more peaceful pace. Even the speed limits are at a slower pace, there are only a few stretches of highway where the speed limit is 55mph and that is the absolute fastest you’re allowed to drive on Maui. There are no freeways here and all the major highways are either two lanes or one lane.

A key to the Maui lifestyle is understanding life is not all about work; it’s about the friends and family you surround yourself with and enjoying Maui’s natural beauty. Those living in Hawaii like it laid back and want to keep it that way.

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