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If there is one thing that the Sayles Team can unanimously agree on, it’s that we all love our food! A lot of our office gossip consists of unbelievable food we stumble across in our daily lives, whether it’s: a mango on the side of the road, a spice rub the significant other made, a local mom and pop shops’ specialty, or a new restaurant in town; whatever it is, somebody from the team is on it.

The team lives across the island and spend their times free enjoying diverse sets of activities. This is a selection of the Sayles Team’s Best Picks!

Maui Royalty: Mama’s Fish House

Image may contain: 2 people, including Dano Sayles, people smiling, people sitting, people eating, indoor and food
So good you will lick the bones clean!

For the better part of three decades, Mama’s has been the Maui destination for some of the most succulent and delectable fish dishes.

The property is on the North Shore and is in a beachfront with an absolutely gorgeous. At sunset, the sky illuminates to shades of blue, orange, red, and many other serene colors. Also, the ocean view is something else at sunset, our day is ending but the ocean’s is just beginning.

World Class Pastries at the Four Seasons

Chef Riccardo at work.
Photo Credit: Four Seasons Maui

Riccardo Menicucci, executive pastry chef at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, shone bright during his recent foray into reality cooking as a contestant on a Food Network baking competition, “Spring Baking Championship.”

One of Menicucci’s recent projects was creating a dessert specifically for Ferraro Bar e Ristorante. He was challenged to creating an Italian-style dessert using tropical flavors. In the end, Menicucci created a coconut milk panna cotta with pineapple foam, roasted pineapple and macadamia nuts. Wow!

Best Sushi on Maui

Koiso Best Sushi Restaurant, Kihei, South Maui, Hawaii. Top 3 Maui Sushi Restaurants
Koiso Sushi Bar

Choosing my favorite sushi restaurants on Maui, no easy feat. Surrounded by deep and thriving waters, Hawaii has arguably the tastiest local fish on the planet. Multiple fresh options are the norm. Talented chefs, fish cutting masters, dot the island. This is a tough scene to make it because that bar is so high. Read our blog to find out more!

Maui’s Top Restaurants

Chef Sheldon Leong, Maui’s Best Rising Chef

Maui, home to Hawaii’s most diverse microclimates that include rainforests, desserts, highlands, rolling grass lands, and polar climates, its restaurant landscape is equally complex and beautiful. Some establishments offer food that’s universally likable like burgers and pizza, while other places venture into exotic and cutting edge flavors. With that said, here are the Sayles Team’s picks for awesome dining options. Note: the list is not in any particular order.

Hawaii’s Most Ono (delicious) Foods!

Ululani’s Shave Ice

Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world! The food in Hawaii is a mix of the familiar and unknown. Many of the foods locals love today find their roots in Asia and to a very small extent Europe. Over the years, the mix of cultures have created a cuisine we call “local food” which can be loosely likened to what fine dining refers to as Asian Fusion. But today, we are going to take a look at what locals like to eat and where you can get it!

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