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Maui Summer Fun

Best Ways To Enjoy Summers on Maui

Now that it is officially summer, Maui goers are able to enjoy two more full hours of sun in the day, leaving more time to make the most of the Maui lifestyle! With everything from exercise and enjoying the beach to bar hopping and bon dance season, check out what Maui summers have to offer.

Goat Yoga Maui

At more than 3000 feet above sea level, Maui Goat Yoga will be your most fun yoga class yet! Combining stunning views of Haleakala and Maui’s gorgeous coastline, Kula in Upcountry Maui offers a different perspective than what most people think of Hawaii.

Hike Mount Haleakala

Mount Haleakala offers a dynamic day at over 10,000 feet in elevation! Besides going up to the summit for sunrise and sunset, there is a lot more to Haleakala than just the views.

My favorite part of Haleakala are the various trails you can explore while experiencing the many different climates of the mountain. At one moment, it feels like you Mars going down Sliding Sands Trail and the next in Jurassic Park as you enter Paliku hiking trail.

Watch the Sunset

No photo description available.
Sunset beyond West Maui, picture courtesy of Dom Marino

As we all know, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, however, there are certain places across Maui can offer the optimal views of the sunset. Obviously anywhere in West Maui is a prime location, but also South Maui is another great place to watch the sun dip behind the horizon and even certain Upcountry locales provide epic sunset viewing destinations.

Bon Dance Season

Bon Dance or Obon Festival is a Japanese Buddhist custom mean to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. The custom has grown to wide spread popularity among the Hawaii population because of the deep cultural ties the Japanese planation immigrants had when they migrated to Hawaii in the early 1900’s.

While this is a Buddhist tradition, all are welcome to revel in the celebration. Although the tradition sounds like a sad one, it is completely the opposite and is celebrated with bright colors, vibrant kimonos, booming taiko drums, and some ono grinds.

Maui’s Top Golf Courses

View from a home for sale in Wailea Golf Vistas
Wailea Golf Vistas overlook the Old Wailea Blue Course

One of the best ways to experience Maui’s natural beauty is by hitting the links! An odd way of doing so, but there are some golf courses on Maui that were specifically designed to cater towards visitors. Players can enjoy tremendous course layouts, perfect weather and stunning views at every course on the island.

Maui Brewing Co.


When Garret Marrero, owner, founded Maui Brewing Company in 2005, he never knew the company would be able to realize the kind of blistering success it has been able to achieve. What makes the brewery so unique is they can claim to be a “truly Hawaiian brewery,” leaving nothing to waste.

The company has been Hawaii’s biggest brewery presence since 2010. Beers are packaged with eco-friendly materials that are manufactured on Oahu and designed by local Maui artists.

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