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Best Ways to Beat the Heat

Over the last few weeks, Maui has seen record temperatures as high as 90+ degrees. Some reports are saying to continue to expect to see high temperatures over the next couple of months. Looking at historical data, June has seen numbers at least 5 degrees higher than the monthly averages indicate.

avg maui temps

The impact of the heat has not only been felt by residents and visitors, but those in the business of cool treats and air conditions have seen their sales boom! I too myself have turned to cool treats like shave ice to attempt to cool off.

I am lucky that my job takes me across the island and I’ve stopped by various locations of Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice and all have packed! When all locations are more crowded than usual, one can surmise it is weather related. “It’s been great. . . . Business has definitely been booming in all shops. That’s pretty indicative it’s weather-related,” said David Yamashiro, co-founder and partner of Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Earlier in the month, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported Kahului Airport reaching 94 degrees! And that is in Central Maui which isn’t considered to be one of Maui’s hotter areas like Kihei or Lahaina.

More reports from NWS indicate that since May 16th, Maui has seen 18 record-setting or tying high temperature days. The highest so far was 96 degrees on May 26 at the Kahului Airport.

Best Ways to Beat the Heat

Hit The Beach

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, beach, outdoor, nature and water
An early morning stroll of Baldwin Beach courtesy of Dom Marino

The Sayles Team is an outdoorsy group and we love spending time at the beach. So of course, it is our number 1 choice for escaping the scorching days!

Take a Swim Under a Waterfall

Road to Hana

Particularly the Road to Hana and the East side of Maui are famous for their waterfalls because the east side of the island gets the most rain. Plus the backside of Haleakala stretches down that side of the island, so it is a little steeper which are perfectly suited for creating cascading waterfalls.

Some waterfalls are seasonal depending on the time of the year, while others consistently flow year round. At the bottom of the waterfall will most likely always be refreshing pond for swimming and cliff jumping; however, I always caution to check the water beneath the surface for logs that may be hidden and to tread carefully to avoid slipping on the rocks.

Guri Guri

The one and only, Guri Guri ice cream! Located in the Maui Mall, they are a Maui staple and have been a local favorite since the 70’s! Described as a cross between a sherbert and an ice cream, Guri Guri keeps people coming back because its unique texture, flavor, and most of all prices.

While, ice cream shops these days charge anywhere from $3.50-$5.00 per scoop, Guri Guri only charges $3.10 for 3 scoops! They offer two signature flavors, strawberry and pineapple, and a few other flavors on a rotating basis. Many places have tried to copy this recipe, but nobody does it as good a Guri Guri!

  • 70 Eeast Kaahumanu Avenue # C13, Kahului | 808-871-4513

Shave Ice

Maui’s finest shave ice, Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice is the best cure to satiate the salt in your mouth after a long and hot day at the beach. Hawaii is one of the few places where shave ice is an option on Yelp, but interestingly enough, Ululani’s all 4 locations rank near the top.

They have crafted their special recipes for their assortment of syrups, using only 100% pure cane sugar, premium purees, natural fruit juices and extracts, hand picked concentrates, and local ingredients. They take careful attention of the finest details giving Ululani’s the edge over their competitors.

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