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Sayles Team Tips For Your Best Summer Yet

Maui is Year Round Summer Fun

While Maui is blessed with amazing warm weather year round, summers on Maui offer a jubilant vibe with long days to make the most of Maui’s summer fun. The summer is Maui’s most popular time among visitors, but is still nowhere near as crowded as Honolulu. Though it can get hot, Maui’s beaches and waterfalls make it easy to enjoy paradise with family and friends!

Maui’s famous summer sunsets 

Maui Summer Lifestyle Tips

Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend your days outdoors being active. Routine exercise has been proven to improve heart health, decrease pain, and reduce stress. Simple activities like walking to the grocery store, strolling the beach, taking the stairs, or some yoga on the beach will go a long way! Plus summer days are extra long on Maui where the sun rises before 6:00am and sets after 7:00pm.

Always use sunscreen! It is important to do so because even on cloudy days, you can become a sun burn victim. However, it is also important to try and buy reef friendly sunscreen if you do go to the beach. If you are planning to be out in the sun for a long period of time, reapply sunscreen every two to three hours. There are also plenty of daily moisturizers on the market with sunscreen already in them.

During Hawaii’s summer months, temperatures can surge past 90 degrees leaving our bodies hot, sweaty, and possibly dehydrated. So drink plenty of water to avoid some possible effects like dizziness, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and muscle cramps. If water just doesn’t cut, add some freshness to jazz it up; popular choices like lemon, cucumber, mint, or oranges can go a long way!

Disconnect from the Internet of Things! Sometimes you just need unplug, leave those emails unanswered, and enjoy the Maui lifestyle. With some of the worlds greatest beaches and hiking trails found all over the island, your next island adventure awaits and is waiting for you to embrace the active lifestyle. It is amazing what daily walks without electronics can do for your mind and body!

Maui Summer Home Tips

Don’t forget to service the air conditioning. Especially if you are on the South Maui coast, the heat can really get up there and having a broken air conditioning will not make for a fund day (or days until it is fixed). Getting it serviced regularly is always a good idea and will ensure any problems are addressed. We even recommend cleaning it every 3 months by changing the filter, flushing out drain lines, removing any outdoor vegetation that could block the unit.

Deep clean your carpets once a year is always a good idea, especially if you own a vacation rental property. Deep cleaning once a year will help to protect your carpets and limit allergens. Summer is the perfect time to do a deep clean because the rainy season has passed which means there is a lower likelihood of dampness. To save a few a dollars, you can rent a deep cleaning vacuum yourself and it yourself or you can hire a professional if you’re in a pinch for time.

Grand Champions 29 for sale by the Sayles Team

Cleaning the patio and outdoor furniture can seem like quite a task, but all you need is 30 minutes, some determination, and you will be thankful for it:

  • Cleaning can be as simple as spraying the furniture down with water, scrubbing it with a solution of water and Dawn Ultra Dish Soap, and then using a soft brush to work the cleaner into any dirt.
  • Alternatively, renting a power washer and spraying down the furniture will leave your furniture looking brand new.
  • Check outdoor furniture cushions for best laundering instructions.
  • Getting to the rust on metal furniture before it gets too far is as easy as sanding it down and then rinsing it off.

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