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Sayles Team Thoughts Go Out To Hawaii Island Amid Volcanic Activity

Hawaii Island Volcanic Activity Continues

As of the night of May 8th, two new eruptions have abruptly ended the 24 hour pause in volcanic activity. Hawaii Island’s Leilani Estates is ground zero of Hawaii’s latest natural disaster and has been the site of Madam Pele’s resurgence (the Hawaiian volcano goddess).

All 1,700 residents of Leilani Estates, a small community on the eastern tip of Hawaii Island have been ordered to evacuate, but apparently not all have.

According to Debra Weeks, director of disaster services at the American Red Cross in Hawaii County,”Some people are not complying. They’re putting themselves at risk. They’re putting first responders at risk. If you know anyone still out there, encourage them to come in — not only for their own safety, but for safety of the community.”

So far, 27 homes have been claimed by the recent flow of lava, a number that experts expect to continue to grow. The lava has also covered over 100 acres and has forced hundreds of residents to evacuate and find temporary shelter. While Kauai is still recovering from last week’s historic flooding, Governor David Ige is on the ground in Hawaii Island has reached out to the White House and FEMA for additional resources.

Ige has stated the following in regards to Hawaii Island’s distress, “It certainly is heartbreaking to see the homes and the families who have lost everything. We just want to keep everyone safe and continue to look at what we can continue to do to prepare.”

While the active flow of lava is off and on, toxic gases still linger and are impacting Leilani Estates owners’ access to their property. Owners have continued to express their frustration and anxiety over the situation and are being left with more questions than answers.

Is this situation going to go on for months? Can I go into my house to retrieve my pet if I wear a gas mask? Why am I being told I can’t get into my neighborhood?

There are no easy answers to give residents as the toxic fumes of sulfur dioxide and lava continue to gain ground. At this time, all official can do is urge patience.

At this time, the island of Maui is not experiencing any volcanic activity and the vog from Hawaii Island has not been an issue.

Again, our support and best wishes continue to go out to Hawaii Island and we wish them the best in their journey ahead.

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