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Three Maui Beaches Named TripAdvisor’s 2018 Best Awards

Maui Beaches Reign Supreme

In 2018, TripAdvisor named 3 Maui beaches as some of the best in the entire state! If you have ever been Maui, it is easy to see why Maui’s natural beauty is one of its biggest attractions to locals and visitors.

While there are many Maui beaches that deserve to be on the list, according to TripAdvisor, the rankings were “based on the quantity and quality of traveler reviews and ratings for beaches on TripAdvisor, gathered over a 12-month period.”

The three maui beaches that made the cut are:

  • Kaanapali Beach (#3)
  • Napili Beach (#15)
  • Wailea Beach (#16)

Wailea Beach


Continuously recognized as one of Hawaii’s best beaches, Wailea Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches along the South Maui coast. Favored by visitors for its close proximity to hotels and the Wailea amenities, locals also enjoy the beach because of the calm crystal blue water. Due to the heavy development of the area, visitors and locals both find this beach ideal because of the perfectly maintained public facilities, easy public access, and paved boardwalk that runs the length of the beach and beyond.

Wailea Beach Traits:

  • Family friendly
  • Sandy and shallow shores
  • Tends to be more crowded than other beaches
  • No lifeguard

Kaanapali Beach


Well known as its local name, Black Rock or formally as Kaanapali Beach, the beach’s nick name is derived after the landmark that is located on the eastern side (if you’re facing the ocean) of the beach. Stretching 3 miles long of sandy shite shores, the beach is ideal for walking and exploring everything it has to offer. Just like Wailea Bach, Kaanapali Beach is surrounded by resorts so visitor traffic through the area is heavy. Whaler Village mall functions as the hub of the area with the plethora of shops available and dining options.

The shores located around Black Rock are the more populated side of the beach because Black Rock is a rocky peninsula that juts out into the ocean and acts as a natural diving board. The water is deep enough to safely jump in and feel secure about the surrounding water. The reef and rocky edge around black rock offer great snorkeling conditions for those who are interested.

Kaanapali Beach Traits:

  • Ideal beach for adventurous souls
  • Incredible sea life for snorkeling
  • Lack of public parking other than expensive resort parking at the hotels
  • No lifeguard

Napili Beach


As one of the lesser known beaches on Maui because of its isolation on the West side of Maui, Napili Beach is primarily visited by visitors because of the 5-7 condos and hotels that surround it. While there are no large corporate hotels fronting the beach, it sure would be a prized location for some of the household names. In comparison to Kaanapali Beach, it is a lot less commercialized and consists of low rises rather than high rises.

While not visible from road, the reveal of the beach once you reach it is well worth the trek! The sloping white sands and turquoise waters are sure to make your Maui dreams come true. Perfect for swimming, tanning, snorkeling, or relaxing, Napili Beach is one of Maui’s hidden gems.

Napili Beach Traits: 

  • Mostly calm waters
  • Sloping beach, so limited shore space
  • Abundant sea life
  • No lifeguard on duty

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