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Enjoying Maui Means You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Enjoying Maui on a Budget

Traveling to Hawaii and Maui in particular can be a big expense, I understand the worry of having to break the bank in order to enjoy all of Maui’s luxuries. It’s the same way when I consider taking trips to the mainland.

Luckily, in my 25+ years of living on Maui and growing up as cash strapped teen ager trying to figure out wallet friendly dates, I have gathered many tricks and tips to enjoying a Maui Wowee time.

Central Maui and the West Maui Mountains, courtesy of our friend Dominick Marino

The Beaches, They’ll Be Your Best Friend

According to state law, all of Hawaii’s beaches are open to the public, legally nobody can own the beach. You are free to enjoy the world class beaches that front the Maui’s luxury resorts. Just don’t go trespassing in anybody’s yard to get to the beach, now that is illegal.

One of the best beaches fronting a resort is a local favorite known as Black Rock, it sits directly in front of the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa at Kaanapali Beach. It’s a great swimming beach and perfect for snorkeling, it even has a 15 jump which is where Black Rock gets it name.

On the South Maui side, there also plenty of resort beaches to choose from: Wailea Beach which borders Wailea Point, Polo Beach in front of the Polo Beach condos, and Keawakapu Beach in front of the Wailea Ekahi condos.

Maui’s North Shore, courtesy of our friend Dominick Marino

Explore Maui’s Natural Beauty

Most of Maui’s natural wonders are free to enjoy with the exception of certain state parks, in particular Haleakala National Park requires a minimal fee.

Beauty is everywhere on Maui, you can enjoy waterfalls, rain forests, ocean views, and mountain views free of cost! The best activities Maui has to offer revolve around the many different microclimates that exist on Maui.

Maui’s Bamboo Forest, courtesy of our friend Dominick Marino

A great way to experience one of Maui’s natural treasures is drive the road to Hana and conquer Hana Highway’s 620 curves and 59 bridges. Along the way there are an assortment of waterfalls to swim in and explore; however, please do not block traffic and park courteously if you do stop, also let the locals pass if you’re worried about slowing them down.

An alternative to exploring Maui’s rainy side (Hana), you can take another winding drive up to Ulupalukua and take in the panoramic views of Maui from 2000+ feet. Besides the views, you can also check out Ulupalukua’s only winery. They have been producing great bottles of wine for decades, where they sit on 23 acres and are able to produce fantastic grapes/vines because of the rich volcanic soil.

Choosing the Right Accommodations and Time

Thanks to the rise of Airbnb and VRBO type sites, there is a cheaper and more budget friendly alternative to the expensive luxury oceanfront resorts. I suggest checking out the Kihei side for attractive and price conscious accommodation rates because of the abundance of short term vacation rentals available.

I do have to mention, depending on the time you visit, nightly accommodation rates will reflect the demand and busy season. Peak visiting seasons like spring, summer, and winter are seasons in particular to avoid if you do not want to pay the peak visiting season premium.

Our vacation rentable listing, Maui Kamaole C206

Ditch the Fancy Resort Restaurants

Although the glitzy and glamorous resort restaurants are able to offer luxurious food and the convenience of being on site at the hotel, their food and service comes at a premium. I suggest asking the hotel staff or locals where they eat, that way you can get a more authentic experience of Maui’s culture and it will usually be easier on the wallet.

Find the Friday Night Party

For some time now, Maui County has been holding weekly Friday night events on a rotating basis between Wailuku, Lahaina, Makawao, and Kihei. The Friday night events are similar to a block party where the streets are closed off, everyone is able to mingle, and food is the center piece. Many food trucks, crafts, and local artisans attend the Friday night events, along with live entertainment which is usually a band.

Contact a South Maui Real Estate Specialist

West Maui’s Cliff House known for its immaculate swimming conditions

Please consider me to be your trusted Maui real estate and lifestyle adviser. I was born and raised on the island, and spend a considerable amount of time to inform my clients about the best deals currently on the market. Don’t hesitate to call me for your any of your Maui real estate needs as I would be honored to assist you in your home search.


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