Hawaii’s Best Locally Distilled Liquor

The Liquor Landscape in Hawaii

Late last year I expanded a little on the vibrant and vast ecosystem of locally produced beer in my article Hawaii’s Best Brews, where I identify the differentiators across each major player in the Hawaii beer game. Although there are nuances at play that make each one of them different, each company’s offerings are unique to Hawaii and they incorporate local influences in anyway they can.

Now we delve into the realm of the players who are at the forefront of Hawaii’s Spirits scene.

Organic Ocean Vodka 

Ocean Vodka is founded on its mission to cultivate an organic, value-added agricultural product from Hawaii aimed to support the local economy and challenge internationally based on quality. Their eco-conscious approach and devotion to the preservation of earth challenges them to utilize the safest and most sustainable practices throughout their entire process. Ocean fiercely supports various organizations that put ocean conservation and awareness at the forefront.

The Smiths, running the three generation operation have grown up on Maui, where the Pacific Ocean was the inspiration for their vodka. Shay Smith, Founder and President had an undeniable vision way before the sustainable and green movement even took off. It’s this visionary mindset that has allowed them to be ahead of the curve and focus on what they’re really all about, “Ocean Vodka is a family effort and a true labor of love. Our family embodies a deep love and respect for the ocean and the natural beauty of our home. This appreciation and the drive to be more eco-conscious, to strive for sustainability, ultimately led to the creation of Ocean Vodka in 2005.”

Pau Vodka

Hali’imaile Distilling Company which owns Pau Vodka, produces handcrafted, locally made, authentic Hawaiian brand spirits. They stand out for their dedication to local ingredients and distilling in small batches; every part of their distilling process is one of a kind and designed in house. The Vodka’s trademark is distilled with pineapples and offers a unique branding for the shelves.

The Maui Gold pineapples they use for PAU Maui Vodka share a similar experience every day for nearly 2 years. And with our upcountry Maui distillery located directly across from the fields, every bottle of PAU Maui Vodka naturally captures Hawaii in a bottle. The pineapple’s sweetness is evident, but not overwhelming; Pau is a more refined and reserved vodka, albeit one that plays its hand more toward the sweet than the savory.

Koloa Rum Kauai

Koloa Rum Company’s vision is the development and sale of superior value-added products from a wide variety of locally sourced agricultural ingredients. Koloa Rum Company fully promotes sound and sustainable agricultural practices and believes the eventual success of its products will provide meaningful support and diversity to the local agricultural industry. Koloa Rum is a single-batch, craft distiller and bottler. We carefully and skillfully handcraft our rums from the finest sugarcane and the pure, abundant water sources of Kauai, Hawaii. 

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