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Only home fronting Makena Beach for sale at $22 Million

Maui beachfront home for sale in Makena

Imagine walking from your living room to a private gate that opens to Makena’s Big Beach. Only one property in the entire world could offer that experience. Of all the idyllic beachfront homes on Maui, this may well be the most desirable to ever be available for purchase in the last 25 years.

The Makena real estate market has come alive with interest as the singular Makena Beachfront home known as 6900 Makena Road, the only home in existence that directly fronts Big Beach, has recently come on the market listed at $22 Million. Such a rare beachfront property represents the ultimate jewel for affluent buyers searching for the best beachfront properties in Hawaii.

The best of all Maui Beachfront homes for sale?

Several qualities of this property shine as reasons why it could be called the best beachfront home on the market today: Rarity, privacy, acreage and elegance.

makena beach1Rarity. Foremost, of course, is the rarity of this property as the only beachfront house on Makena beach. For beach access, there are two secure gates that open directly to the sandy beach.

Privacy. Since most beachfront homes are on smaller lots and surrounded by neighbors, privacy is equally rare – This property has no homes on either side and has many features that keep it completely private and secure.

Acreage. At 1.38 acres, this property boasts more land area than any other property available right now in the resort areas of Maui.

Elegance. Architecturally, this home has a calm simplicity, making no attempt to compete with the magnificence of the setting. Instead, it blends into the landscape lush vegetation with an open floor plan that invites one to enjoy the majesty of Makena.

Yes, the price is high, but actually this Maui beachfront property is certain to sell quickly as it is so rare and has so many unique qualities. Please contact me if you would like a detailed property information packet.

What’s your favorite Maui Beach?

Everyone has their favorite beach on Maui. Some like raw energy of Makena Beach, others like the small bay beaches in Kapalua. So, which is your top beach on Maui? Share your comments and tell us why you like your favorite Maui beach.

7 thoughts on “Only home fronting Makena Beach for sale at $22 Million

  1. Since I have a 4 year old, we love to go to Launiupoko beach park. There’s a nice sheltered area of the beach where she can play in the water. We’ve seen endangered monk seals at Launiupoko there twice this year which is always a special treat.

    1. @Michael – I love Launiupoko too! I actually taught my son how to surf there and entered him into his 1st surf contest, the Ole Longboard Classic, a great event for the keiki!

  2. So far, my favourite beach on Maui is Kaanapali Beach. I love the soft sand (with no rocks underfoot!!), the great views, and the convenience of having a great selection of resorts to choose from right on the beach!

    However, on our next trip, we hope to explore a bunch of beaches that we haven’t gotten to yet… so who knows… my favourite might change after that!

    1. @Sakara – We’d love to show you this property when you’re over here next, speaking of, when is that going to be?!?

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