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Ho'olei – The Most Desirable Luxury Condos in South Maui

Ho’olei Villas – The Best-Selling Neighborhood in Wailea and Makena

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As a REALTOR specializing in South Maui real estate, I am frequently asked the question, “what is the best buy for a Wailea condo or a condo in Makena?”  While the meaning of “best buy” is probably going to be a little different for everybody, I feel there are certain numbers we can look at to get a good feel for answering this question. The best condo values in Wailea are usually found in the most active neighborhoods, as multiple transactions signal a highly desirable community.  With this is mind, I decided to run a MLS search for condominium sales in Wailea and Makena since the beginning of 2009. Below is a summary of my findings:

Building Name Total Sales Volume # of Units Sold Average of Sold Price
Ho’olei $58,548,667 28 $2,091,024
Wailea Beach Villas $54,420,000 13 $4,186,154
Wailea Point I II III $23,824,999 6 $3,970,833
Makena Surf $11,399,990 4 $2,849,998
Papali Wailea $10,525,000 4 $2,631,250
Wailea Palms $10,400,465 11 $945,497
Kai Malu $9,908,000 9 $1,100,889
Grand Champions $9,269,400 19 $487,863
Wailea Ekahi I $7,985,000 10 $798,500
Wailea Elua II $7,687,500 4 $1,921,875
Wailea Ekolu $6,438,000 10 $643,800
Palms at Wailea I $6,388,000 10 $638,800
Na Hale O Makena $5,420,000 3 $1,806,667
Wailea Ekahi II $3,319,697 4 $829,924
Wailea Fairway Villas $3,254,400 6 $542,400
Wailea Town Center $2,765,000 3 $921,667
Wailea Ekahi III $2,470,000 3 $823,333
Wailea Elua I B $2,300,000 1 $2,300,000
Polo Beach Club $1,850,000 1 $1,850,000
Kanani Wailea $850,000 1 $850,000

As you can see, when looking at the two most important numbers in the table (total volume and number of units sold), there is one community that leads the rest: Hoolei condos show an impressive total sales volume of over $58 million. Only one other condominium in Wailea comes even close to that number, Wailea Beach Villas, at over $54 million. After that, there is over a $35 million drop off to the 3rd highest sales volume for Wailea Point condos. Furthermore, Ho’olei has the highest number of villas sold, 28. Grand Champions comes in 2nd with 19 closings, but with an average sales price just under $490,000; this is obviously a much lower price point than most Wailea property.

Buyers are certainly making a statement: Ho’olei is the most sought after neighborhood in the Wailea/Makena area. With superb craftsmanship, great views, ideal location, and the one-of-a-kind relationship with the Grand Wailea, Ho’olei truly represents tremendous value.  As the exclusive Broker for the developer of Ho’olei, I have been a part of 20 deals since the start of 2009 with a total sales volume of over $40 million.  I have seen firsthand the value that Ho’olei offers for those seeking to buy a vacation condo in Wailea. Would you like a more in-depth analysis of the Wailea condo market or want to compare two communities? I welcome you to contact me, I’m available to answer your Maui condo questions and provide you with community information.

Many of the Ho’olei villas have amazing vistas!

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