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Playing Tennis At Makena Surf

Aerial View of Makena Surf. See the tennis court?

Tennis match, anyone? I have not played tennis for years, but last week I picked up a tennis racket and decided it is time to play again. I had a blast! I went to the tennis court at the Makena Surf, one of the finest tennis courts here on Maui. I enjoyed playing tennis so much that I went back there on that weekend for a re-match. Makena Surf has four on-site tennis courts, two of the courts are floodlit for night play. It’s a very convenient court to play at, not to mention that the view is spectacular!

I know… I just blogged about me starting to “stand up paddle”. But I am in a quest to get a lot of exercise while having a lot of fun on Maui. I feel really fortunate to be able to do this; to live on Maui, work on Maui and play on Maui.

Now… because I am a REALTOR, I cannot help but think about the advantages of owning a condo at Makena Surf while I am there playing on its tennis court. I thought about how amenities like this, great tennis courts, can be one of the deciding factors some buyers have when buying a house. Each buyer has his or her own preferences, and I know some people whose passion and lifestyle is connected to playing tennis. Many of them live here in the Wailea/Makena area and are members of the Wailea Tennis Club. It’s a lifestyle they like. For many, playing tennis on Maui is fun. They even have a Facebook Page, click here.

Are you one of those who loves to play tennis and are interested in buying a property with that amenity? One of the condos in Wailea-Makena area that I would recommend is the Makena Surf condos.

Ok, I may not be the expert in tennis, but I do consider myself an expert in Wailea-Makena Real Estate. If you have any needs on that area, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to assist you. Now if you need a tennis instructor, that would not be me – but I can recommended some of the best on Maui.

So, tennis match next week … anyone?

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