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Ho'olei or Hoolei – What is it really?

Ho’olei is a Hawaiian word and the little apostrophe in between the two o’s is what they call “okina”.  The okina or the glottal stop is one of the eight consonants of the (modern) Hawai’i language.  In Hawaiian, the word “ho’olei” represents the tradition of encircling a loved one with a precious flower lei.  The Ho’olei name symbolizes an opportunity to share a legacy, enabling you and your future generations to be enveloped by the best life has to offer.

In some cases, when the word Ho’olei is used, the okina is dropped due to some complications in electronic applications and operations.  For example, the website for Ho’olei is  Therefore, we prefer the use of Ho’olei but we understand and respect that sometimes it is spelled as Hoolei.

“Ho’olei Villas” is a very popular condo in the Wailea area and is currently selling well.  If you are interested to find what units are available, you may visit our Ho’olei page that has that listing: Ho’olei Units In The Market.

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