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Best Vacation Rental on Wailea Makena Maui: Ho'olei

When planning for a vacation on Maui, one of the first things you do is look for is a place to stay. Most people go to the internet and research on lodging possibilities. After narrowing down your choices and you decided that you would want to stay in the Wailea area, I have some recommendations for you:

Ho’olei Villa Unit 24-1 and  Ho’olei Villa Unit 31-2.

Let me share why I highly recommend these villas:

1. These villas just got listed as a vacation rental at VRBO. The bookings are still wide open.

Ho’olei is a very popular vacation rental option, many of the privately owned units that offer vacation rentals are fully booked and which gives you limited date options. Ho’olei Villa 24-1 and Ho’olei Villa 31-2 have more options for you. I am guessing the openings would not last long due to its popularity, but for now you can still take advantage of the open bookings.

2.  These villas have additional amenities that other privately owned units do not have.

Given that all the regular amenities that goes with Ho’olei are the same, such as use of their awesome swimming pool, gym facilities, etc. (complete listing of the amenities found here and here), the owners of this  Ho’olei Villa 24-1 and Ho’olei Villa  31-2 decided to add other important “Maui must” paraphernalia such as beach towels and beach umbrellas. These little things make a huge difference.

3. The price is right. Rates are reasonable.

The rental rates on privately own Ho’olei vacation villas varies from unit to unit. It also varies according to season. You will find some as low as $695 per night, but that is on a very limited time basis – like left over dates and you have to book them right away. Some rates go up to as high as $1,195 per night, those are with the full view of the ocean. Ho’olei Villa 24-1 and Ho’olei Villa  31-2 both have some ocean views but they also have a gorgeous garden view. Now for the rate: Ho’olei Villa Unit 24-1 rents for $750 per night and Ho’olei Villa Unit 31-2 rents for $ 850 per night. As we mentioned, these are reasonable rates, and actually a deal considering the value of staying at Ho’olei.

4. The condo managers (part owners) are on-site during office hours.

It is always helpful to have someone close by to answer the vacation rental guests questions, especially those who are visiting for the first time. The owners and managers of  Ho’olei Villa 24-1 and Ho’olei Villa 31-2 are on-site during office hours and can assist you on your needs.

Maui is voted one of the best islands in the world. It is always a pleasure to share this beautiful island with our guests. I hope you will consider staying at Ho’olei Villa 24-1 and Ho’olei Villa 31-2 next time you visit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Aloha!

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